Syrian Army Equips IVECO Vehicles with Russian-Made Automatic Weapons

Syrian Army Equips IVECO Vehicles with Russian-Made Automatic Weapons
(FNA)- Military sources disclosed that the Syrian Army has equipped its Italy-made IVECO LMV M65 with heavy machineguns manufactured in Russia to reinvigorate its forces’ combat capabilities in their war on terrorism.

The sources said that Russian-made 12.7mm caliber DShK cannons have been mounted on Italian IVECO LMV M65 armored vehicles of the Syrian army, adding that the army’s vehicles have been enhanced to be equipped with the said capability.

The Syrian army could only mount light machineguns on its IVECO trucks.

The sources pointed out that the Tiger and Russian-made UAZ vehicles of the Syrian Army have been also enhanced in similar way.

Media sources disclosed on Tuesday that the Syrian and Russian fighter jets and choppers had been using very advanced Vikhr-1 anti-tank missiles in battle against terrorists in Homs province.

The Russian language Rossiyskaya Gazeta daily disclosed that photos of Vikhr-1 anti-tank missiles released on the internet have been taken from K-52 choppers’ anti-terrorists operation near al-Quaryatayn town in Southwestern Homs.

The Vikhr-1 missiles were designed for warplanes and military helicopters to be used against tanks and armored vehicles.

The missiles could also be used against aerial targets that could not fly very fast.

The Russian army started to equip its aircraft, specially Sukhoi-25 M fighter jets and K-52 choppers with the Vikhr-1 missiles in 2015.

The Vikhr-1 anti-tank missiles could hit a target at 10km distance in less than 28 seconds.

The missiles could also be fired by aircraft from a 4,000-meter distance above the target.


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