Russian Navy’s Reconnaissance Ship Arrives in Syrian Waters

Russian Navy's Reconnaissance Ship Arrives in Syrian Waters

     The Russian Black Sea Fleet’s reconnaissance ship of Kildin has arrived in the Eastern Mediterranean Sea to reinvigorate the country’s navy fleet in the war on terrorism in Syria, a Russian military source disclosed.

The source said that the medium-sized reconnaissance ship, Kildin, left the Black Sea strait on Sunday and moved towards Syria’s waters.

Kildin is now in Syria’s waters to boost the Russian Navy fleet which is on a mission of war on terrorism.

Media sources disclosed late in January that the Russian Armed Forces would likely send back a number of soldiers and military hardware to Humeimim base in Lattakia province to reinvigorate their forces’ combat capabilities again.

The Russian language Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily said Russia seemed to redeploy its forces and equipment to the Humeimim base after the Astana peace talks.

The daily opined that liberation of Aleppo had not been a turning point in war on ISIL terrorists in Syria and Moscow made a hurried decision when started to withdraw a part of its forcers and equipment from Syria.

Russian media disclosed also in January that Ka-52 advanced combat helicopters and Su-25 attack aircraft would join the Russian Air Group involved in the liberation of the Syrian city of Palmyra from the ISIL terrorists.

The Russian newspaper Izvestia reported that Ka-52 Alligator advanced combat helicopters and Su-25 Rook attack aircraft joined in efforts to liberate the Syrian city of Palmyra from ISIL terrorists.

The goal was to significantly strengthen the fire impact on terrorist positions, the newspaper said, referring to an interaction between a Ka-52 and a Su-35 as a combination of intelligence capabilities and high strike power.

“It is designed to compensate for the lack of Syrian artillery strike capabilities, as well as to provide effective support to government forces advancing on Palmyra,” Izvestia said.

Vladimir Popov, the deputy chief of the Russian magazine Aviapanorama, told Sputnik that interaction between the Ka-52 and the Su-25 is one of the tactics that could be used to improve the efficiency of helicopter and aircraft strike systems.

“Using its state-of-the-art sighting and navigation equipment, the Ka-52s will transmit more accurate information about the (enemy) targets due to be bombed by the Su-25s,” Popov said.

According to him, the super precise fire impact on ISIL’s positions in Palmyra would play an important role in saving the rest of the historic monuments in this ancient city.

“It is impossible to use carpet bombing in such historically important locations, which must be preserved rather than destroyed at any cost. At the same time, it is necessary to liberate the city as quickly as possible, so it is very important to work with surgical precision when conducting pin-point strikes,” Popov said, stressing the importance of permanently adjusting the fire.


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