Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army, Air Force Inflict Heavy Losses on Terrorists in Homs Province

Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army, Air Force Inflict Heavy Losses on Terrorists in Homs Province

   (FNA)- The Syrian army backed by the country’s air force hit hard the terrorists’ military positions and hardware in different parts of Homs province.

The terrorists sustained heavy losses in the Syrian army’s attacks and air raids by the country’s warplanes.

The Syrian army also continued its advances in other key provinces across Syria.


Syrian Army troops and Air Force targeted the bases and gatherings of ISIL and Al-Nusra Front (recently renamed to Fatah al-Sham Front) in different parts of Homs province, inflicting major casualties on the militants.

The army men ambushed a group of ISIL terrorists that had planned to carry out an attack on government forces’ positions in al-Brij from al-Qalamoun, killing and wounding a number of terrorists and foiling their plan.

The army aircraft meantime pounded terrorists’ bases and gatherings in the village of al-Farhaniyeh in Northern Homs.

The warplanes also bombed heavily the positions of Nusra and other extremist groups in the regions of Sneisel, Um Sharshouh and the farms near the town of Talbiseh in Northern Homs.

Also, the army continued its advances in the Eastern part of Homs province to maintain security at T4 airbase, and seized back a strategic region from the ISIL.

The key Ba’ar al-Fawa’ereh region South of T4 airbase came under the Syrian army’s full control after several hours of fierce clashes with the terrorists.

At least 20 ISIL terrorists were killed and many others were injured in tough battle with the Syrian army and popular forces while several others retreated from the battlefield to areas under their control.

Deir Ezzur

Field sources said ISIL fired a number of mortar shells at besieged government-held districts in the city of Deir Ezzur, injuring several university students.

The sources said that ISIL’s mortar units targeted the University of al-Furat in the government-controlled districts of the Eastern city of Deir Ezzur, injuring several students.

The Russian and Syrian fighter jets continued joint operations against the ISIL terrorists and killed and wounded dozens of militants by targeting their gathering centers in Deir Ezzur.

The Syrian air force bombed the ISIL positions in Deir Ezzur which destroyed the terrorist group’s al-Rakaz base near Kaziya Sukr in Salehiya Hatla region, inflicting 15 losses on the militants inside.

Also, the Syrian airplanes launched repeated attacks against the ISIL bases and moves at Setta Illa Rob street and near al-Tamwin square as well as al-Konamat, al-Maqaber and Jabal al-Tharda districts and al-Baliqiya, Marat and Khasham villages near Deir Ezzur city which killed tens of militants and blew up several military vehicles.

Meantime, the Russian and Syrian fighter jets targeted the ISIL centers in al-Roshdiya and al-Hawiqa districts of Deir Ezzur and the regions near al-Maqaber and Sariya Jonayd in the Southern parts of the city and inflicted heavy damage and losses on the ISIL terrorists.


The Al-Nusra Front (that has recently renamed to Fatah al-Sham Front) lost 35 members in clashes with three other terrorist groups in Aleppo and Idlib provinces.

Nusra fighters engaged in heavy fighting with Soqour al-Sham and Ahrar al-Sham near the town of Ahsam in Idlib to capture the town.

Fierce clashes were reported between Jeish al-Mojaheddeen and Soqour al-Sham with al-Nusra terrorists.

Nusra has reportedly suffered a total number of 35 casualties in the clashes with rival militants in Aleppo and Idlib so far.

In the meantime, reports also said that militants of Jondullah in the town of Sarmada in Idlib joined Ahrar al-Sham to fight against the al-Nusra Front.


Syrian army troops targeted ISIL’s concentration center in Northeastern Sweida, inflicting major casualties on the terrorists.

The army men targeted ISIL’s position in the village of al-Qaser, leaving the entire members of a group of ISIL dead or wounded and their weapons and ammunition destroyed.

Earlier this month, the army’s missile and artillery units targeted and destroyed ISIL’s strategic military base and operations room in Sweida province.

Several field commanders of the ISIL were stationed in the terrorist group’s operation room in the Northern part of Sweida province.

Over 45 ISIL terrorists, including senior commanders, were killed and wounded in the army’s missile and artillery attacks.

Meantime, a sum of six military vehicles and arms depot of the ISIL terrorist group were also destroyed in the attacks.


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