Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Wins Back More Key Towns in Aleppo Province

Syria in Last 24 Hours: Army Wins Back More Key Towns in Aleppo Province

     (FNA)- The Syrian army regained full control over strategic towns after fierce clashes with the terrorists in Aleppo province in the last 24 hours.

The popular fighters won back al-Tanbour and al-Mantaf towns located between al-Bab and Aleppo cities.

Scores of terrorists were killed and injured as the army was purging them from the newly captured areas in Aleppo province.

The Syrian army, popular forces and resistance forces also continued their military gains in other key provinces across Syria, inflicting heavy losses on them.


The Syrian army forces continued military operations in Eastern Aleppo and could liberate two other towns in the region.

The Syrian army units and their allies engaged in several hours of clashes with the ISIL terrorists and could retake control of al-Tanbour and al-Mantaf towns located between al-Bab and Aleppo cities.

Tens of ISIL terrorists were killed and wounded during the clashes.

Meantime, the Syrian army targeted the ISIL positions in al-Madiouna and al-Salima towns as well as all the Southwestern parts of al-Bab city by artillery, aerial and missile attacks concurrent with the ground forces’ advances in the region.


The Syrian army seized two trucks packed with a large amount of weapons en route to Damascus from Sweida countryside.

The first truck was seized at the entrance of Damascus province and had departed from al-Lajah region in Sweida countryside to reach Damascus. The truck contained 12 anti-tank missiles and several rocket-propelled grenades (RPGs).

The second truck was also destined for Eastern Ghouta and departed from Sweida’s al-Lajah region.

The second truck was also seized with 200,000 bullets of different types, missiles and RPGs.

Meantime, the Syrian army and air force continued their military operations against the al-Nusra Front (that has recently changed name to Fatah al-Sham Front) in Western Ghouta in Damascus countryside to drive the terrorists out of Wadi al-Bardi and Ein al-Fijeh regions.

“The battle in Wadi al-Bardi will come to an end soon and this will facilitate decision-making for the militants to implement different parts of the agreement and expedite evacuation of Wadi al-Bardi,” a military source disclosed.

The Syrian army troops engaged in fierce clashes with the terrorists in the surrounding areas of Zeytoon (olive) farms and in the surrounding areas of Ein al-Fijeh square as Syrian fighter jets also targeted the terrorists’ military positions in the surrounding areas of Naba al-Fijeh, killing several terrorists.

The Wadi al-Bardi Peace Committee also reported that the Syrian army’s representatives and the militants have held a meeting during which they have agreed that the terrorists should lay down their arms in Ein al-Fijeh and leave these regions for Idlib in the coming days.

Deir Ezzur

Six Russian Tu-22M3 long-range bombers launched airstrikes on ISIL targets in Syria’s city of Deir Ezzur, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

The Russian Defense Ministry said that the Tu-22M3 long-range bombers took off from an airfield in Russia and flew over the territory of Iraq and Iran, Sputnik reported.

“On January 23, 2017, six long-range Tu-22M3 bombers that took off from a Russian airfield and flew over Iraq and Iran carried out airstrikes on ISIL command posts, arms and ammunition depots near Deir Ezzur populated area.”

The ministry added that all targets have been destroyed.

“Su-30SM and Su-35S provided air cover to the Russian bombers from the Hmeimim airbase.”

After successfully completing their combat mission in Syria, the Russian jets returned to Russia.


The Syrian fighter jets pounded the terrorists’ military positions in the Northern part of Hama province after militants attacked the government forces in yet another flagrant violation of the nationwide ceasefire.

The terrorists sustained heavy losses in the Syrian airstrikes as several of them were killed and many more were injured.

The terrorists targeted several Syrian army military positions in Northern Hama province, including al-Ma’amal al-Azraq (Blue Factory) in the surrounding areas of the city of Souran and al-Shalivit military stations in the countryside of Mohradeh.

The Syrian air force also pounded the terrorists’ positions in Northern Hama, destroying their military bases while killing tens of them.


The Syrian army backed by the country’s air force targeted the military positions of the ISIL and al-Nusa Front (recently renamed to Fatah al-Sham Front) in the Eastern and Northern parts of Homs province, inflicting heavy losses on the militants.

The ISIL’s military positions in Tal al-Morsed, Bazr al-Favaereh and Tal al-Awamid in the Eastern part of al-Quaryatayn came under the Syrian army’s attacks, resulting in the death of several ISIL terrorists and destruction of four military vehicles.

The Syrian fighter jets also hit the movements and gathering centers of the ISIL terrorists in Mohaseh, al-Baredeh and al-Betra South of the T4 airbase in Eastern Homs, destroying a large number of their military vehicles.

In Northern Homs, the Syrian army’s artillery and missile units targeted the military positions and gathering centers of Fatah al-Sham Front terrorists in the two villages of Azz al-Din and Um Sharhouh which resulted in the destruction of a number of military bases and mortar launchers as well as military vehicles of the terrorists.

The Syrian army also targeted the gathering centers of al-Nusra Front in Talbisieh and its surrounding farms as well as Taldo in al-Houleh in Northern Homs, killing and injuring several terrorists.


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