Over 100 ISIL Terrorists Killed, Wounded in Syrian, Russian Fighter Jets’ Raids in Homs

Over 100 ISIL Terrorists Killed, Wounded in Syrian, Russian Fighter Jets' Raids in Homs

     Syrian and Russian warplanes targeted the positions and an operation room of the ISIL in Eastern and Northeastern Homs, killing almost 65 terrorists, including several commanders and wounding 40 more.

The warplanes carried out tens of combat flights over ISIL’s positions and concentration centers in Homs, wounding at least 40 terrorists and killing 65 more, including eight commanders.

The Russian fighter jets bombed and destroyed an operation room of ISIL in Taliheh heights.

The Syrian army aircraft targeted ISIL’s gatherings in the town of al-Sukhnah, the city of Palmyra and the region of al-Douh, near the village of Huwesis, al-Sha’er oilfield and near the military airport of T4.

The Syrian warplanes also hit ISIL’s positions and military convoys in the regions of al-Mashtal, al-Hayer al-Qarbi and North of Jabab Hamad in Eastern Homs, destroying several vehicles of the militants.

Warplanes and choppers of Russia and Syria also targeted ISIL’s centers in the regions of Zab’at al-Maleh, Manukh, al-Sha’er gas field, al-Shoumeriyeh mountain, Aqayrabat, al-Sukhnah, Arak in at least 57 combat sorties.

In relevant developments in the province on Friday, the Syrian fighter jets raided ISIL’s military positions in the surrounding areas of the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur), killing over a dozen terrorists, including a notorious commander.

Abu Omar al-Saraqebi, a senior commander of the ISIL, was among 15 ISIL terrorists killed in the Syrian airstrikes on the Southern part of the village of Sharifeh in the Eastern countryside of Homs.

An armored vehicle of the ISIL terrorist group was also destroyed in aerial bombardments.

The Syrian air force also pounded the ISIL’s gathering centers and movements in the surrounding areas of T4 airbase, destroying two tanks and several military vehicles.

Meantime, the Syrian army retook more lands South and West of the T4 airbase in Eastern Homs, including several hilltops and regions overlooking Alfo Sefat road.


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