Syrian Army Continues to Beat Terrorists Back From More Lands in Northwestern Damascus

Syrian Army Continues to Beat Terrorists Back From More Lands in Northwestern Damascus

     (FNA)- Syrian Army troops that freed the key village of Basimeh on Friday continued their advances against terrorists in Western Ghouta and entered another strategic village.

The army men stormed terrorists’ positions from the Western direction of Basimeh and entered the village of Ein al-Khazra from its Southern side after hours of clashes.

The army soldiers inflicted major losses on the militants in Ein al-Khazra.

A field sources said that a number of terrorists fled towards Ein al-Fijeh villages, adding the army troops have started cleansing operation in Ein al-Khazra and will declare it a free region soon.

In relevant developments in the province on Friday, the army troops started mop-up operations in Basimeh and its surroundings to hunt the rest of militants.

The army men that took full control of the entire village of Basimeh in Wadi al-Bardi, are now carrying out sweeping operations to clear Improvised Explosive Devices (IED) and booby-trapped bombs planted by militants and meantime hunt the rest of militants in the village.

The army soldiers also provided security for the civilians in the village of Busujima, providing urgent humanitarian assistance to them.

Reports indicated that the militants were retreating from Ein al-Khazra and Ein al-Feija in the Wadi al-Bardi region.


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