Russia Must Consider Int’l Situation When Organizing Military – Defense Minister

Sukhoi PAK FA T-50

The development of Russia’s military organization should take place while paying heed to international military and political conditions, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Thursday.

     MOSCOW.   During an Army and Society course lecture taking place at the Russian General Staff and aimed at senior defense officials, Shoigu said:
    “Today’s condition of the military organization of the state conforms to the necessary requirements. Its development should proceed with consideration for a possible escalation of the international climate and the constantly improving fighting capabilities of foreign states.”
    He added that the Defense Ministry was playing a coordinating role in setting up interdepartmental communication on settling defense issues.
    “In order to set up complex monitoring, real-time defense, political and strategic analysis, as well as taking rapid decisions while administering the military organization of the country, the National Defense Management Center has been created,” Shoigu lectured. Ministry of defence of the Russian FederationShips With Cruise Missiles to Be Basis of Russian High-Precision Arm Carrier Group
    The National Defense Management Center was created in 2014 and functions as the Defense Ministry’s highest coordination body under the General Staff. The center maintains a centralized control system of all the Russian Armed Forces and provides the ministry with information on the global military situation.


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