Syrian Warplanes, Choppers Pound Terrorists’ Defense Lines in Eastern Damascus

Syrian Warplanes, Choppers Pound Terrorists' Defense Lines in Eastern Damascus

     (FNA)-     Terrorist groups suffered heavy casualties and their equipment sustained major damage after their positions and gatherings in Eastern Ghouta came under attack by Syrian fighter jets and military helicopters.

The choppers launched heavy attacks on terrorists’ positions in the villages of Ein al-Khezra in Wadi (desert) Bardi, while other military helicopters hit the terrorists’ gatherings in the town of Basimeh.

The ground troops, meantime, opened fire at militants’ positions in the town of Basimeh.

In the meantime, the terrorist groups’ positions in Ein al-Fijeh region in Damascus province were bombed by the Syrian fighter jets.

Also, the army troops engaged in fierce clashes with terrorists in Eastern Ghouta and managed to drive them out of a key region near the town of Meida’ani on Wednesday.

Several units of the army took part in a coordinated offensive against terrorist groups and pushed them back from al-Ma’amel region towards the towns of Harazma and Otaya.

The army men stretched the battlefield and managed to advance over one sq-km, making terrorists in the region confused.

The army soldiers also targeted a base of terrorists in al-Mesraba in Eastern Ghouta, killing all those at the base and destroying the base itself.


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