Syria: Gov’t Forces Continue to Advance against Terrorists near Aleppo Citadel

Syria: Gov't Forces Continue to Advance against Terrorists near Aleppo Citadel

    (FNA)- Syrian Army troops and Hezbollah fighters pushed back Jeish al-Fatah terrorists from more key positions in Southeastern Aleppo, including a key point in South of the Aleppo Citadel.

The Syrian government forces inflicted major losses on the militants and beat them back from a strategic position South of Aleppo Citadel.

In the meantime, the army soldiers and Hezbollah advanced against the militants from the Southern side of Karam al-Tahan district towards Bab al-Nairab districts.

The arm men carried out cleansing operation at the water pumping station and reservoir in Bal al-Nairab Northeast of Sheikh Saeed district and Southeast of Aleppo Citadel, killing or wounding tens of terrorists.

A field source said that army’s operation is underway in Bab al-Nairab from the Northern and Eastern flanks, adding, “With the advances at the water pumping station and reservoir, the terrorist groups won’t be able to press civilians in the Southern districts of the city.

On Monday, Syrian Army troops and popular forces deployed forces only a few hundred meters away from Jeish al-Fatah’s positions in Central Aleppo after winning back several neighborhoods this morning.

The pro-government force’s victories against terrorists in a wide region South-East of Aleppo opened their way towards Aleppo Citadel, and helped them drive a wedge between the Southeastern districts of Aleppo.

The government’s vanguard troops were deployed only a few hundred meters from the Aleppo Citadel that overlooks the Old Aleppo neighborhoods.

Once the Syrian army opens its way into the Aleppo Citadel region, militants’ movements across their tunnel network will be ceased and stop leaving any tangible impact on the outcome of the war, and the districts in Southeastern Aleppo will be cut into two halves.

The Arabic language Al-Mayadeen network reported for its part that the army men and the popular forces were at the gates of the Old Aleppo neighborhoods after their recent advances that comprised of capturing several districts in the region.

In the meantime, opposition groups acknowledged that militants lost their positions in al-Sha’ar and Karam al-Jabal districts.

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