Et-Tell in Damascus province fully controlled by Syrian government

More than 500 Nusra militants with members of their families have left the city for Idlib recently
© Screenshot/Russian Defense Ministry press service/TASS

HMEYMIM /Syria/, December 4. /TASS/. The city of Et-Tell in the Damascus Province, where more than 60,000 lived before the war, is not controlled fully by the Syrian government, the Russian reconciliation center reported. 

“The opposition’s militants used the amnesty, announced by the Syrian president, to stop fighting and during talks said they wanted to flee the city together with their families to Idlib,” the Russian center said. “Before leaving, they handed over to the governmental forces all heavy weapons, as well as more than 200 pieces of small arms and armory.”

In fulfilment of the obligations under the agreement on local truce, the Syrian authorities allocated for the militants 44 buses to leave the city. More than 500 Nusra militants and 1,500 of their families have left the city for Idlib recently. They all got safely to the destination.

“More than 2,500 militants have used the amnesty right in Syria’s various regions,” the Russian center said.


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