Syria: Last Group of Militants Leaves Western Damascus

Syria: Last Group of Militants Leaves Western Damascus

    (FNA)- The last group of militants that had joined the peace agreement with the Syrian government in Western Ghouta was evacuated from the two key towns of Khan al-Sheih and Zakiya under the Syrian Army troops’ monitoring.

The last group of militants left the towns of Khan al-Sheih and Zakiya, leaving Western Damascus evacuated from terrorists.

The last militants left Khan al-Sheih towards the terrorist-held regions in Idlib.

Based on field sources, Khan al-Sheih and its surroundings have been evacuated from militants, pushing Western Damascus one step more closer to sustainable security.

2,100 local militants and their families were transferred from Khan al-Sheih and Zakiyeh to Idlib on Friday and Saturday.

65 government’s green buses with 35 seats transferred the last group of militants from Western Damascus to Idlib.

The first group of militant left the region with 29 buses towards Idlib on Tuesday.

Arabic-language Anab Baladi news website reported that with the evacuation of militants from Khan al-Sheih and Zakiyeh, Western Ghouta has been practically emptied of militants, while two months ago the towns of  Darayya and al-Mo’adhamiyeh al-Sham were emptied from the terrorists.

Officials and locals said on Thursday that hundreds of terrorists in Damascus countryside left several regions in Western Ghouta for Idlib province in the last several days.

Nearly all the terrorists who had demanded to leave Western Ghouta were relocated together with their families from Khan al-Sheih, Zakiyeh, al-Moqilbeh and al-Tayeba towns to Idlib province.

The terrorists also destroyed all their military bases in these regions and after defusing the improvised explosive devices (IEDs) that they had planted in these regions handed over their heavy weapons and military vehicles to the government troops and moved towards Idlib.

The Syrian army’s devastating attacks and advances in Western Ghouta had forced the terrorist groups in Khan al-Sheih region to ask the government forces for a revival of the negotiations after they pushed the last round of peace talks into failure.


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