Syrian Air Force Destroys Terrorists’ Military Bases, Arms Depot in Hama Province

Syrian Air Force Destroys Terrorists' Military Bases, Arms Depot in Hama Province

    The Syrian fighter jets struck and destroyed the military hardware and arms depot of the terrorists in Hama province.

The Syrian warplanes fully destroyed several arms depot and military positions of the terrorists in Morek, Atshan, Ma’an, al-Quneitrat and al-Arbaeen regions.

The terrorists’ military hardware in Kafroumeh, al-Tamateh and Khan Sheikhoun came under the Syrian army attacks, destroying their armored vehicles and ammunition depot.

Scores of terrorists were killed and injured in the Syrian army attack on their convoys and military positions in Souran, Sakik and Tal Taryee.

The Syrian military forces repelled the terrorist groups’ large-scale attack on government positions in the Western flank of the town of al-Salamiyah, inflicting a heavy death toll on the militants.

Hundreds of terrorists, equipped with heavy military hardware, stormed the army’s defense lines in the Western side of al-Salamiyah, but their offensive was fended off by the army soldiers who had the militants’ movements under constant watch.

In the meantime, some units of the army had set up several ambush attacks on the militants in al-Satahi’yat region and preempted them.

Tens of militants were killed or wounded in the failed attack, but there is no accurate report on their number.

The terrorist groups, who have carried out different offensives Southern Hama and Northern Homs, have thus far been unsuccessful in weakening security of al-Salamiyah region.

Al-Salamiyah is of paramount importance due to its proximity to the main path used by the terrorists to transfer fighters and equipment from Central Syrian to the Northern parts of the country.

In relevant developments in the province on Friday, the army troops inflicted major casualties on the terrorists and drove them out of a village and its surrounding hills that they lost to the militants a couple of days ago.

The army soldiers stormed terrorists’ defense lines in the town of Ma’an and managed to recapture the small village of Zarat al-Aliyeh and its nearby hilltop after fierce battle with Jeish al-Izzah.

Over 20 militants were killed and a number of armored vehicles equipped with anti-aircraft machine-guns were destroyed in the army attack.


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