Syrian Gov’t Forces Start Fresh Operation against Terrorist Centers in Aleppo City

Syrian Gov't Forces Start Fresh Operation against Terrorist Centers in Aleppo City

    (FNA)- Syrian Army soldiers and popular forces stormed terrorists’ positions in the districts Southeast of Aleppo city, pushing militants back from vast areas.

The pro-government forces started a fresh round of attacks on terrorists’ defense lines in Sheikh al-Lotfi region, capturing a police station in the Eastern part of this district and advancing further in areas near the station.

The army soldiers also captured al-Shorta height that overlooks the airport and Neirib district in the Southern part of the city.

Terrorists were using al-Shorta height to target army helicopters in Aleppo international airport and seizure of the height has significantly reinvigorated security of the road to the international airport.

On Friday, the army troops and popular forces continued their advances against Jeish al-Fatah terrorists in Eastern Aleppo and seized control over half of Hananou Housing Project.

The army soldiers and their popular allies engaged in tough battle with terrorists of Nouralddeen al-Zinki and captured over fifty percent of Hananou Housing Project area.

In the meantime, a group of Palestinian Resistance fighters pushed terrorists back from different parts of Hananou, including Welfare House, Governorate Building, al-Amiliyeh area, Post Building, Eastern Mosque and a Wedding Hall and then moved towards the Southern neighborhoods of Hananou Housing quarter.

Militant groups have thus far suffered a heavy death toll in the attacks, a field source said, adding that fierce clashes are still underway near Ba’eidin square.

The army soldiers have also managed to approach the Northern parts of Hananou Housing Project and the Youth Housing Area in the recent days.


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