Homs: ISIL’s Largest Training Camp Destroyed in Syrian-Russian Airstrikes, 70 Militants Killed

Homs: ISIL's Largest Training Camp Destroyed in Syrian-Russian Airstrikes, 70 Militants Killed

    (FNA)- Syrian and Russian warplanes carried out joint airstrikes over the largest military training camp of ISIL terrorist group in Eastern Homs, killing at least 70 militants and destroying the camp.

In a joint air raid, the Russian and Syrian fighter jets targeted ISIL’s training camp in the town of al-Sukhnah, killing tens of recruits, fighters and their trainers.

A large number of militants had been trained in the camp, Taloul, and dispatched to the province of Raqqa and Deir Ezzur.

Reports said the camp, its military grid and military vehicles were completely destroyed in the air assault.

Over 70 militants were killed and many more were wounded in the air raid.

Based on reports, Taloul played a crucial role in providing fresh forces for ISIL whenever the group was carrying out attacks on government positions in Homs.

Syrian Army troops repelled an ISIL attack on government forces’ positions in Eastern Homs on Tuesday.

The army soldiers clashed with ISIL terrorists, who tried to prevail over the government positions near the strategic village of Jubb al-Jarrah, inflicting a heavy death toll on them.

After ISIL’s heavy defeats in clashes with the army men in the village of Um Jame’a, the terrorist group gathered tens of fighters to capture Jubb al-Jarrah, but the army men backed up by massive artillery fire, pushed them back.

The key villages of Jubb al-Jarrah and al-Masoudiyeh are located Northwest of the ancient city of Palmyra (Tadmur) in Homs province, Southeast of the city of al-Salamiyah and Southwest of Aqayrabat town in Hama province, and are highly important for both warring sides as they connect these important cities.

Jubb al-Jarrah and al-Masoudiyeh are along the roads to Tadmur, al-Salamiyah and Aqayrabat.


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