Syrian Army Wins Control over Terrorists’ Operation Room in Aleppo City

Syrian Army Wins Control over Terrorists' Operation Room in Aleppo City

     (FNA)- Syrian military forces continued to advance against Jeish al-Fatah in Eastern Aleppo and captured their operation room, a military source said on Monday.

“Following hours of non-stop clashes, the army soldiers pushed Jeish al-Fatah militants back from a part of Hananou Housings and seized full control over militants’ operations room that led the battle with the government forces in the districts of Oweijeh and the Northern side of Hananou,” the source said.

“With the loss of control over their operations room in the Northern side of Hananou Housing Project, Jeish al-Fatah will significantly lose its power in the districts of al-Heidariyeh, Sakhour, Sheikh Khezr, al-Arz al-Hamra and Old Sheikh Najjar,” the source underlined.

Meantime, a long convoy of more Army soldiers arrived in Aleppo on Sunday to join the government forces’ anti-terrorism operation in the Eastern districts of the city.

“Several hundred soldiers arrived in Aleppo province to join the army men and Liwa al-Quds forces’ operation in the neighborhoods of Ba’aeidin, Bostan al-Pasha and Hananou,” the sources said.

“Hundreds more of army soldiers are also due to enter Aleppo province in the next few days,” another source disclosed.

The source said that army forces are fully ready to enter the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, adding, “The army’s special forces and commandoes have deployed in positions overlooking the Eastern neighborhoods of Aleppo, waiting for their commanders’ order to start their operation.”


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