Russia, China make new agreements and sign contracts at Airshow China exhibition

ZHUHAI (China), November 5. /TASS/. The business program of the 11th International Aviation & Aerospace Exhibition “Airshow China” in Zhuhai has come to an end. Russian representatives note that the exhibition was very fruitful for several Russian companies – contracts were made on aviation equipment delivery, and agreements on strategic partnership and understanding with Chinese colleagues.

The main topic of the exhibition was military and civil aviation, aerospace machinery and equipment, missile defense systems, radar equipment, and navigation equipment for airports.

Among participants in the exhibition were 49 Russian companies, including 27 representatives with over 220 units of military equipment.


No contracts on military vehicles were signed this time but Russian civilian aviation was in demand. One of the most important results of the exhibition for the Russian side were contracts on deliveries of 21 helicopters Ka-32, Mi-171 and Ansat (exported for the first time) to Chinese companies.

Jiangsu Baoli Aviation Equipment will also receive three helicopters Mi-171, Ka-32 and Ansat with medical equipment in 2017. Another contract on delivering the helicopters was made with Wuhan Rand Aviation Technology Service – two Ansat helicopters with medical equipment, two Mi-171 and one Ka-32 with an option of three Ka-32 helicopters, four Mi-171 helicopters and six Ansat helicopters.

Ahead of the exhibition, deputy head of Russian Helicopters Igor Chechikov told TASS that new contracts are planned on delivering helicopters to China but he did not specify which helicopters Chinese companies are particularly interested in.

Apart from helicopters, a contract was also signed on delivering four Be-200 amphibious aircraft to China for 2018.

Joint projects

The exhibition became a platform for negotiations on Russian-Chinese future cooperation. Russian Minister of Industry and Trade Denis Manturov said that Russia and China are considering joint production of an engine with a 40-ton capacity. The sides also continued discussing the project of constructing a wide-body long-haul aircraft, the model of which was presented at the static exposition.

General director of the Russian Helicopters Alexander Mikheyev said that Moscow and Beijing plan to sign a contract on designing a heavy helicopter in the next two months.


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