Military servicemen will use D-10 and T-10VB parachute systems in course of the Defenders of the Friendship-2016 joint Russian-Egyptian exercise

Russian Airborne servicemen will perform large-scale insert using D-10 parachute systems in course of the Friendship-2016, joint Russian-Egyptian counter-terrorist exercise.

Military servicemen from Egypt will use T-10V parachutes in course of the landing operation.

This large-scale airborne insert will be the first operation performed by Russian and Egyptian Airborne troops in the desert climate of Africa.

Up to 300 servicemen will participate in the insert operation held in course of the joint exercise.

The joint exercise is taking place in the territory of the Arab Republic of Egypt in the middle of October, 2016.

Participation of servicemen of the Airborne troops of Russia in the international exercise has been regulated by agreements reached with the Egyptian side and in accordance with the plan of the international activities of the Ministry of Defense of Russia.

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