Syrian General: Victories against Terrorists Speed Up with Establishment of Russia’s Military Base in Tartus


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He further underlined that establishment of the Russian military base was a necessity for confronting the terrorists who are being backed by foreign parties.

On Monday, Russia’s deputy defense minister said the Russian military plans to expand its supply base in Syrian port of Tartus into a fully-fledged permanent naval base.

“We are going to have a permanent Navy base in Tartus. We have prepared the paperwork, which is now being reviewed by other government agencies. The documents are pretty much ready, so we hope to submit them to you for ratification soon,” General Nikolay Pankov, deputy defense minister responsible for communication with other parts of the Russian government, told the Russia’s Federation Council.

The Russian facility in Tartus has long been used to resupply Russian warships during Mediterranean Sea missions. The facility has been in place since 1977, and after the collapse of the Soviet Union it was used to resupply and repair Russian warships deployed to missions in the Mediterranean Sea, but did not serve as a permanent base for any of them.

Last week Russia confirmed delivery of an advanced anti-aircraft missile system to Tartus to protect the port facility and mooring warships from potential airstrikes and missile attacks.

The delivery came amid media reports that the Pentagon planned a massive cruise missile attack on Syrian airfields, which would dismantle Damascus’ aerial capabilities.

The US accuses Syria and Russia of perpetrating war crimes in Syria over the offensive operation against militant forces in Eastern Aleppo.

Russia says the operation followed US failure to deliver on its promise to separate the so-called militants form terrorist groups in Aleppo and that Washington is playing the blame game to draw attention away from its failures.

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