Russia, US Have Never Discussed Joint Anti-Daesh Fight – Diplomatic Source

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September 14 – A joint Russia-US fight against the Daesh terrorist group was never discussed and is not a subject to any agreements, a Russian Foreign Ministry source told on Wednesday. On September 9, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov and US Secretary of State John Kerry announced a new plan on Syria, which stipulates a ceasefire slated for Monday. “The fight against Daesh was never a subject to any agreements with the United States. The discussion in recent months was on separating groups which consider themselves moderate from the ones that represent recognized terrorist group,” the source said. According to the source, there are no disputes between Russia and the United States on anti-Daesh efforts, but “there have always been big problems with separating moderates from al-Nusra Front.” “In the end we reached agreements which allow us to achieve the necessary shift in this direction, which we consider a very significant achievement. What happened in Geneva on September 9 covers one of the most complex, difficult and controversial chapters in our dialogue with the United States,” the source added. Al-Nusra Front and the Daesh group are considered terrorist organizations and are banned in many countries. Russia-US Pact on Syria Should be Published to Avoid Misinterpretations The recent Russian-US conditional ceasefire agreement in Syria should be made public to avoid wrong interpretations of its content, the source in the Russian Foreign Ministry told.
“The logic of our position is that since we are talking about the document – whose importance is much wider that just for Russian-US dialogue or for what we hope is a positive impact on the situation in Syria – all colleagues and partners in the international community, including members of the UN Security Council, should be able to familiarize themselves with this document and its preceding agreements,” the source said.
The ceasefire agreement entered into force at sundown Monday in Syria, with the first 48 hours giving way to five more days if the truce holds up. The ministry source offered a range of options on how to reveal the details of the pact that Washington deems too sensitive to publicize. “We ourselves hold briefings on this subject with other countries, meet at various levels and tell them. We know that the US is doing the same. There may be UN Security Council briefings and so on,” the source said. “Of course, we would be interested in the documents’ publication to avoid omissions and opportunities to misinterpret what is laid down into these texts,” the source stressed.


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