Russian Defense Minister Defends Moscow’s Role in Preserving World Order


 Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu


   Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu dismissed on Monday claims by US Defense Secretary Ash Carter accusing Russia of undermining the international order.

   According to the minister, preserving the world order is a natural prerogative of the entire international community, including Russia, not only the Pentagon.

“Pentagon should not confuse the “world order’ with the “US-imposed order,” Shoigu said in a statement responding to remarks made by Carter on a recent trip to the UK.

   “It was the United States and its Western partners that have been consistently destroying the foundations of the existing world order, starting with Bosnia and Kosovo, and ending with Iraq and Libya,” Shoigu stressed.

“Russia is always striving to preserve a just and multi-polar world order in the interests of all countries, not some groups of select countries or, especially, of a single state,” Shoigu stressed.


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