Naval group of the Pacific Fleet arrived in the PRC to participate in the Russian-Chinese exercise “Naval interaction-2016”



The naval group of the Pacific Fleet has arrived in the Zhanjiang Port (People’s Republic of China) for participation in the joint Russian-Chinese naval exercise Naval interaction – 2016.

The group consists of major ASW ships Admiral Tributs and Admiral Vinogradov, the major landing ship Peresvet, the sea tug Alatau and the Pechenga tanker. The Commander of the group is Rear Admiral Vadim Kulit.

During the entrance into the foreign port, the military seamen of both countries fired “international salute” (21 volleys from each side). The servicemen of the Pacific Fleet were met at the quay by representatives of the Russian Navy and the Chinese Navy, as well as the silent drill team and the orchestra.

The joint Russian-Chinese exercise will take place on September 12-19 in the air, coastal and maritime zones of the South China Sea.

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