CSTO peacekeeping forces started exercise “Unbreakable brotherhood-2016” in Belarus


The scheduled joint exercise of the CSTO peacekeeping forces “Unbreakable brotherhood-2016” has started under the command of the Deputy Defence Minister of the Republic of Belarus Major General Sergei Potapenko at the 230th combined-arms range Obuz-Lesnovsky in Belarus.

The exercise will have two stages and will last for 5 days. The servicemen will practice preparation and conducting of a peacekeeping operation.

The main goal of the exercise is obtaining practical experience by commanders in organization of a peacekeeping operation and management of units of the CSTO Collective peacekeeping units during joint actions as well as strengthening of relationships and cooperation among CSTO member-states.

The exercise is participated by national contingents of Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Russia and Tajikistan – in total, up to 1,500 servicemen as well as about 300 aircraft and armoured vehicles.

Russian Armed Forces have sent over 300 servicemen and up to 70 pieces of military hardware of the Central MD to the training activities. In particular, over 15 BTR-82A APCs, EW systems Lesochek and Azart radio stations have been delivered to the exercise range.

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