WATCH: Russian Long-Range Bomber Conducting Airstrike Against Daesh in Raqqa

A Russian Air Force long-range bomber TU-22M3 seen here bombing ISIS targets near the towns of es-Sohne, Arak and al-Taiba in the Syrian province of Homs


The Russian Defense Ministry published a video Thursday that showed this morning’s pinpoint airstrike on Daesh targets in Syria.

     The 1.5-minute footage of a Tu-22M3 (NATO reporting name Backfire-C) long-range bomber carrying out a strike was uploaded to the Ministry’s official Facebook page.

It showed one of the six planes drop a dozen of bombs on what the Ministry said were Daesh assets southeast, north and northwest from Raqqa, the terrorist group’s stronghold in northern Syria.

The airstrike destroyed an arms depot, a factory producing chemical weapons, as well as a major training field, and killed a large number of militants, according to the Russian military.


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