Syrian Army Received New Russian SU-24M2 Attack Aircrafts


Only one airbase in Russia operates Su-24s of the M2 type (Russia eventually opted for a different modernization standard) and it began rearmament to Su-34s 

Zen Adra Subscribe to Zen Adra   Originally appeared at Al-Masdar News

The Syrian Armed Forces have recently received the new SU-24M2 all-weather attack aircrafts under a deal signed with Russia to shore up the country’s military capabilities in fighting terrorism.


Two of the upgraded attack aircrafts have been already delivered while 8 more will be transferred in addition.


The SU-24M2 is a front-line bombers represents further (after SU-24M) upgrade of the front-line bombers of the SU -24 of Russian Air Force.


The Su-24M2 bombers have been retrofitted with new equipment and systems at the VP Chkalov Novosibirsk Aircraft Production Association (NAPO), to enhance their capabilities and improve their combat efficiency.


NAPO has upgraded the Su-24M2 aircraft with improved avionics, including GPS and the Russian equivalent GLONASS, and a head-up display (HUD) and visor, under a three-year contract, as part of a national defence order for 2009.

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