Al-Nusra Front Militants Shell Syrian Provinces of Aleppo, Damascus

Fighters from Al-Qaeda's Syrian affiliate Al-Nusra Front. (File)


The al-Nusra Front militants shelled inhabited areas in the Syrian provinces of Aleppo and Damascus, the Russian Defense Ministry said Monday.

     The Russia-US brokered ceasefire regime in Syria came into force on February 27. The al-Nusra Front and the Daesh terrorist groups, which are outlawed in Russia, are not part of the ceasefire deal.

“Within last 24 hours, terrorists have shelled Braidge al-Rih and Nqqaratin inhabited areas (Aleppo province), Hai al-Ansari, Hai al-Khalidiyah, Sheikh Maqsood, Old Ashkhaba, Halab al-Jalid quarters and al-Nayrab airport in the Aleppo city,” the ministry said in a daily bulletin posted on its website.

According to the ministry, terrorists have also shelled areas of Bahariyah, Zamalka, Haush al-Farah, and Huteita al-Jarash in the Damascus province.


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