Russian ‘Night Hunter’ Military Helicopters Help Iraq in Anti-Terror Fight

Mi-28N Night Hunter helicopters


Russia supplied Iraq with a new batch of the Mi-28NE “Night Hunter” military helicopters, the Iraqi Defense Ministry said on Saturday.

 The statement also stressed that these helicopters “made a significant contribution in the [Iraqi] land forces’ fight against Daesh and the victory [over terrorists] in several operations.”

“The Command of the Army Aviation has received another batch of Russian Mi-28NE ‘Night Hunter’ helicopters,” the ministry said in a statement published on its website.

It is reported that helicopters will be ready for use in the coming days. The number of vehicles supplied to the Iraqi army was not specified. According to media reports, as of today, the country’s forces have received 11 “Night Hunters.'”Mi-28NE is a highly effective new-generation helicopter, designed for combat missions in any circumstances. The helicopter is designed to take part in operations against tanks, infantry combat vehicles and armored personnel carriers among other targets.

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