Russia, Indonesia can further develop military-technical cooperation — diplomat

Russian Military Technologies's photo.


June 29 – The Indonesian leadership highly values the performance characteristics of Russian military products, Russia’s Ambassador to Indonesia Mikhail Galuzin told on Tuesday.
“Indonesia, like any other state caring about the protection of its sovereignty and territorial integrity, is interested in maintaining and strengthening its defense capability and for this purpose modern and well-equipped armed forces are needed,” the Russian diplomat said.
“As the Russian ambassador, I can say that I’m very glad and very proud that today the Indonesian armed forces operate advanced examples of Russian military hardware. For example, these are Su-30 and Su-27 multirole fighter jets or BMP-3F infantry fighting vehicles intended for the Indonesian marine corps,” the ambassador said.
The Indonesian political and defense leadership “highly values the performance characteristics of Russian military products,” the ambassador said.
“We have seen together with you a lot of public statements by representatives of the Indonesian Defense Ministry about their interest in buying particular types of Russian military hardware, in particular, Su-35 fighter jets,” the Russian ambassador said.
“We, as the diplomats, will continue doing everything possible to ensure that military and technical cooperation between Russia and Indonesia should develop further to the mutual benefit of both sides. I can say that there are pre-requisites for this,” the Russian ambassador said.
The sphere of ensuring security, both regional and global, “is a very promising sphere of Russian-Indonesian relations,” he added.
“We’re actively interacting in the sphere of anti-terror, including the training of representatives of the corresponding departments from Indonesia and other ASEAN countries in Russia with the help of our specialized agencies. This also involves information exchange and corresponding consultations,” the Russian ambassador said.

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