‘We Are Coming’: Syrian Army Showers Daesh With Warning Leaflets in Raqqa

Soldiers of the Syrian Army. File photo


The Syrian Army and its allied forces, with support from Russian air support and the Syrian Air Force, made advances in the direction of Al-Thawrah in Raqqa province, a source in the Syrian Army told Sputnik.

The source said that the troops advanced by 5 km from Al-Thawrah after a series of successful assaults on Daesh terrorists.

The militants were getting support from fighters coming from Salamiyah in the province of Hama.

“The Syrian Army eliminated 15 militants along with their field commander, as well as destroyed their military vehicles,” the source told Sputnik.

Moreover, the Syrian military aircraft dropped leaflets over Raqqa and the surrounding area, in which the country’s military command for the last time offered the terrorists a chance to lay down their arms and surrender to the troops.The leaflet consists of two pages and has the following text:

On the first page it says, “This will be the end of each terrorist who will go armed against the army and people.”


Immediately below this text there is an image of dead militants.

Under the photo of dead terrorists written in big bold letters is the following: “We are coming.”

At the end, there is a signature of the high command of the Syrian Armed Forces.

On the second page there is a written appeal:

“Militant! The moment of truth is here. The world is changing rapidly. The Army is advancing. Think about it, waiting can cost you your life. Do not hesitate; hurry to surrender your arms, to save your live and your future.”



At the end, there is the same signature of the high command of the Syrian Armed Forces.

Earlier in June, the Syrian army entered the Raqqa province after advancing in a major offensive against Daesh militants.

The Syrian government has had no presence in Raqqa since August 2014. Liberating the city, where some believe Daesh leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is living, has long been seen as key to crippling the terrorist organization.


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