Syrian Army Wins Back Strategic Region in Homs in Blitz Offensive

A Syrian flag on a truck with a machine gun of the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) near the town of Mhin, Syria

The Syrian Army seized back part of al-Quaryatayn city in the eastern part of Homs province and a strategic hilltop as part of its ongoing advance on Daesh terrorists, Iran’s Fars news agency reported.

In a parallel development, the government forces, backed by popular units, thwarted the militants’ attack on their positions in al-Maqala region in the western part of Palmyra, inflicting heavy losses on the enemy.

According to a field source, army units destroyed an explosives-packed truck, driven by a terrorist suicide bomber, before it reached a hill in al-Tuloul area near al-Quaryatayn.

The Syrian air force destroyed vehicles and positions of Daesh terrorists in the vicinity of Jazal oil field, Mahasa, al-Savanah and near al-Bayarat area in Homs province.

Also on Tuesday, government forces managed to retake a number of key sites along the Aleppo-Latakia Highway in an advance that paved the way for the Syrian Army to reach the hilltops overlooking Jisr al-Shughur, located in the western part of Idlib province, according to Fars news.


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