India, Russia to Hold Joint Military Drills on November 7-20

Russian servicemen during the Indra-2014 Russian-Indian joint drill


India and Russia will hold joint Indra-2015 military exercises in India’s largest state Rajasthan on November 7-20.

 India and Russia will hold joint Indra-2015 military exercises in India’s largest state Rajasthan on November 7-20, the Indian Defense Ministry said Thursday.

“A 250 member strong Russian Army contingent would arrive in Bikaner for INDRA-2015 for the joint exercise to be held with the Indian Army from 07 November to 20 November 2015,” the ministry said in a press release.

The seventh joint Indra drills will take place in northern India’s Mahajan firing range. The exercises will focus on ‘Counter Terrorism Operations in Desert Terrain under a United Nations Mandate,’ the press release added.

The drills are due to be conducted in two stages, namely “Combat Conditioning and Tactical Training” and “Validation,” according to the press release. Senior military officials from India and Russia are expected to observe the exercises.

Russia and India have maintained close partnership in military and technical cooperation for decades. The two countries have been conducting joint military drills annually since 2003.

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