Sergey Lavrov does not think that decision on deliveries of S-300 air defense systems to Iran was a political mistake


Rusya Dýþiþleri Bakaný Sergey Lavrov, Libya lideri Muammer Kaddafi'nin siyasi sýðýnma talep etmesi durumunda cevaplarýnýn olumsuz olacaðýný söyledi.

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov didn’t agree with a suggestion that decision on deliveries of S-300 air defense systems to Iran was a political mistake, TASS reports.

“Deliveries of S-300 systems to Iran were never prohibited neither by UN Secutirty Council nor by unilateral sanctions imposed by USA and EU, – the minister reminded. – The contract was put on hold by Russia in response to request of our western partners, who said that this move will make Iran take a more constructive position in the course of negotiations”. “But it’s been a long time since that moment and we believe that positive results and agreements reached in Lausanne are good enough for us to encourage Iran to continue cooperation. But this time we are going to encourage them by lifting our unilateral ban instead of putting the deliveries of S-300 systems on hold. And by means of starting the implementation of this contract,” Lavrov said.

“In terms of the region’s security, these S-300 systems do not threat anyone, – the Russian minister noted. – They are not causing troubles to anyone unless someone wants to bomb Iran”. According to him, “such situations are possible and we saw it recently, for example, in Yemen”. “That is why defense systems, which prevent risks and decrease willingness to carry out military strikes, are in line with our position – for many years we have been promoting idea of creating a regional security system in the Persian Gulf region with the participation of all the Arab countries and Iran,” Lavrov explained.

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