Nigeria gets Mi-24 helicopters from Ukraine


Nigeria Air Force received two combat helicopters Mi-24, passed by the  modernization  type Super Hind Mk III on SE “Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant” Aviacon “(Ukraine). January 2015

Following the receipt from the Ukraine in 2014, T-72AV and BTR-4E, Nigeria , apparently,  receives  the former Ukrainian combat helicopters Mi-24. Despite the rather poor results  for army aviation of Ukraine results of participation in hostilities in the Donbass, which led to significant losses, the helicopter  continues to leave the Ukraine for export. 

Nigerian web resource 2 January 2015 published a picture of the two combat helicopters Mi-24 received by  Nigeria Air Force,  the helicopters  passed modernization by the version of Super Hind Mk III  according to project of the South African company Advanced Technologies and Engineering.

And below the foto of  Two combat helicopters Mi-24, held alteration, presumably for Nigeria, according to an version Super Hind Mk III on SE “Konotop Aircraft Repair Plant” Aviacon “(Ukraine). Ukrainian TV reportage shots. Konotop, 10/16/2014

Along with the delivery of two upgraded helicopters Super Hind, Ukraine, apparently sent to this country also  the not upgraded attack helicopters Mi-24 series   from  Availability. In mid-December 2014 a number of web resources appeared the  foto   of Ukrainian spotter Vassily  Koba “in the district of Kiev”. The  Photo of Mi-24B which has marking of  Air Force of Nigeria and the Nigerian military side number NAF-261 (still not “shown” in  Air Force of Nigeria). The helicopter has  “desert” camouflage similar to both the Nigerian Super Hind. This  helicopter, apparently, was also pre-sale repaired on factory “Aviacon” in Konotop. Foto is below

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