Russian Tu-160 Bomber Excels US B1 Lancer

26.12.2014   Siberian Insider

Photo from

Upgraded Russian supersonic strategic bomber Tu-160 (NATO classification – Blackjack), which was considered the fastest missile carrier of the XXI century before improvement, with the new electronic systems receives even greater superiority in the sky and finds new advantages over American bomber B1 Lancer, Inquisitr writes.

Developed in the Soviet era, the Tu-160 has become a real pride of the Air Forces of the USSR.Upgraded bomber has the latest radar system and electronic warfare system with ultra-modern elements of guidance and control, which allows to hit targets with a high degree of accuracy in any weather and at any time of the day. Also by 2016, the Tu-160 is going to be equipped with upgraded engines such as NK-32. Thereafter, the aircraft will be capable of speeds of more 2.4 thousand kilometers (1.5 thousand miles) per hour, the newspaper notes.

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