Russia Test-Launches Bulava Sea-Based Ballistic Missile

Launch of a Bulava SLBM

According to Russia’s Defense Ministry, this year’s third launch of the Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missile from the Borey-class Alexander Nevsky nuclear submarine took place on Friday.


MOSCOW, November 28 (Sputnik) — Russia successfully test-fired on Friday a Bulava submarine-launched ballistic missile (SLBM) from its Borey-class Alexander Nevsky nuclear-powered submarine, the Defense Ministry said.The missile was launched from a designated location the Barents Sea and hit a selected target at the Kura test range on Russia’s Kamchatka peninsula, the ministry said in a statement.

The three-stage Bulava SLBM carries up to 10 independent warheads and has a range of 8,000 kilometers (5,000 miles).

Russia, Vietnam agree on simplified Cam Ranh port entry for Russian warships

November 27, 2014  


Russia and Vietnam have signed an intergovernmental agreement on the simplified entry of Russian warships to Vietnam’s Cam Ranh port, a source in the Russian Defense Ministry told TASS on Thursday.

“The agreement was signed in Sochi on November 25 during the visit of Secretary General of the Central Committee of the Vietnamese Communist Party Nguyen Phu Trong to Russia. The procedure sets the requirement for Russian vessels that are approaching the Vietnamese port only to notify its authorities for entry,” said the source.

Ukraine urgently recalling troops from leave — Russia’s OSCE envoy


Ukraine continues concentrating military forces in eastern regions of the country

© Stepan Petrenko/TASS 
MOSCOW, November 28. /TASS/. Ukraine has begun recalling soldiers from leave, and military buildup in the conflict zone is continuing, Russia’s permanent representative to the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) Andrey Kelin has said.In a statement published on the Russian Foreign Ministry’s website following Thursday’s session of the OSCE Permanent Council in Vienna, Kelin said shelling in eastern Ukraines continues despite the ceasefire deal reached at talks in Minsk in September.

“Ukraine’s security forces continue attacking residential areas,” Kelin said, adding that on November 25, a shell hit a minibus near Donetsk, killing two people and injuring eight others.

The Russian diplomat praised the work of the OSCE mission in Ukraine, and said Russia also contributes to the fulfillment of the Minsk agreements.“Our military specialists invited by the Ukrainian side are working…

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US Pushed Ukraine to Edge of Civil War: Russian Defense Ministry

Russia's Deputy Minister of Defense Anatoly Antonov

Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Ivanov stated that the United States has been actively pursuing its agenda in former Soviet Union.

COLOMBO, November 27 (Sputnik) – Washington’s endorsement of protests and the February coup in Ukraine pushed the country to the verge of a civil war, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said Thursday.

17 Significant Moments of the Euromaidan
© Sputnik. Andrey Stenin

“The latest example of it [pursuing US agenda in former Soviet republics] is pushing Ukraine to the edge by supporting the Maidan [protests] and the anti-constitutional coup,” Antonov said, speaking at a meeting of South and Southeast Asian defense chiefs in Colombo, Sri Lanka.The deputy defense minister also added that the ongoing protests in Hong Kong very much resemble Maidan protests in Ukraine, warning of the danger of so-called color revolutions that are “destabilizing the situation in the one or the other region of the world.”

According to Antonov, such protests are organized by Western political strategists that are taking advantage of “socio-economic difficulties, the presence of various conflicts on ethnic and religious grounds.”

“Under the guise of spreading democracy they throw populist slogans into the fire of popular discontent, provoking mass protests,” the deputy minister added.Protesters occupied Maidan Nezalezhnosti, or Independence Square, in Kiev on November 21, 2013, after Ukraine’s Cabinet of Ministers announced an about-turn in the signing of a European Union association agreement. The protests were actively supported by officials from the United States and European Union.

These protests led to the violent conflict in Ukraine, that dramatically escalated in mid-April, when Kiev launched a military operation against independence supporters in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions that refused to recognize the new government, which came to power as a result of a February coup.

US Global Missile Shield Seriously Threatens Asia-Pacific Region, International Security


The US global missile defense system has the goal of undermining regional and international security and is creating a serious threat to the Asia-Pacific Region, Russian Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said Thursday.“In playing off the thesis of the growing North Korean nuclear missile threat, Washington is actively dragging the countries in the region into executing their plans of implementing their global missile shield,” Antonov said during a speech in Sri Lanka’s capital.

Antonov said the creation of military potential by Washington “considerably exceeds the level needed to neutralize existing and potential missile threats.”

“In actuality, the US global missile defense system is geared at undermining regional and international security and is a serious threat for the Asia-Pacific Region,” Antonov added.

Senator Kelly Ayotte has told that United States needs to invest further in missile defence capabilities as it falls behind Russia in deployed ballistic missile interceptors
© AP Photo/ Missile Defense Agency, Joe Davila

Earlier in November,  told Sputnik that the United States needs further investment in its missile defense capabilities as it lags behind Russia in deployed ballistic missile interceptors.Russia has repeatedly urged the international community to address the issue of the expansion of the global US anti-missile defense shield. As far as the expansion of the shield in Europe is concerned, Washington is planning to install an Aegis Ashore Ballistic Missile Defense system in Romania by 2015, and a similar system in Poland by 2018, according to the US Missile Defense Agency.

Under NATO’s planned missile defense system, radars and interceptors will be placed in phases in several NATO countries, including Romania, Turkey, Spain and Poland. The defense shield is also bolstered by marine-based systems.

Russia Concerned About Possible Instability Spillover From Asia-Pacific

Russia’s Defense Ministry is concerned about the instability in a number of countries in Asia-Pacific region and its possible spillover to Russia’s Central Asian neighbors, the country’s Deputy Defense Minister Anatoly Antonov said Thursday.

“The instability in a number of the [Asian-Pacific] region’s countries and the prospects of it spilling over to Russia’s neighboring countries, and especially to Central Asia, raises concerns,” Antonov said at a meeting of South and Southeast Asian defense chiefs in Colombo, Sri Lanka.

The Russian deputy defense minister noted that despite the fact that the Asia-Pacific region is relatively stable, the potential for conflict there remains significant.

According to Antonov, territorial disputes, unsettled border claims and an increase in military confrontations are among the factors contributing to the region’s instability. He added that international terrorism, drug trafficking, piracy and organized crime have found a breeding ground in the region.

Another international security goal, according to Antonov, must be to strengthen the nuclear and biological weapons nonproliferation regime. “We call on everyone who has not done it yet to sign and/or ratify the Comprehensive Nuclear-Test-Ban Treaty,” the deputy defense minister said.

India Denies Reports That it Will Cancel French Rafale Jet Deal

India is not planning to cancel the deal on purchasing French Rafale jets: source

A high-ranking source in Indian Defense Ministry said that India is not planning to cancel the deal on purchasing French Rafale jets.

NEW DELHI, November 27 (Sputnik) — India is not planning to cancel the deal on purchasing French Rafale jets despite earlier media reports that it would do so if France refuses to deliver Mistral helicopter carriers to Russia, a high-ranking source in Indian Defense Ministry told Sputnik Thursday.

“So far the Rafale deal with France is on, there is no problem in it,” the source said.

He also added that India has “ambitious plans” to replace the country’s Soviet-made MIG jets with French analogues.

The statement comes after French President Francois Hollande postponed the delivery of the first Mistral-class helicopter carrier to Russia over the situation in Ukraine on November 25.

Under the $1.6 billion deal signed by the two sides in June 2011, the handover of the first ship, the Vladivostok, was scheduled for November 14.

According to earlier media reports, India warned in September it would cancel the $20-$22 billion contract signed with French Dassault Aviation company on the supply of 126 Rafale fighter jets if Paris refuses to fulfil its obligations under the Mistral contract.

Russia Conducts Naval Drills in English Channel: Navy

Military exercises of Russian Northern Fleet

The Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet is holding drills in the English Channel, the Fleet’s Western Military Region’s press service announced Friday.

MOSCOW, November 28 (Sputnik) – A squadron of ships from the Russian Navy’s Northern Fleet is holding drills in the English Channel, the Western Military District’s press service said Friday in a statement.”Today, a squadron of ships and support vessels from the Northern Fleet … have passed the narrowest part of the English Channel in the Strait of Dover and have entered a bay near the mouth of the River Seine,” the press service said.

Because of poor weather conditions, the ships decided to wait out a storm in the neutral waters off the bay.


When passing through the North Sea, navigational officers, radio technicians and crews of the Severomorsk, the Alexander Otrakovskiy and several other ships completed a series of drills simulating passing through the narrow spaces in difficult meteorological conditions.”During the stop, the crew members will conduct a series of activities to combat the underwater subversive forces, hold drills on ensuring survival of the ship when it sinks or catches fire,” the statement said.

A squadron of Russian ships led by the Severomorsk left the northern city of Severomorsk on November 20. Since then, the ships have travelled 1,700 miles (2,700 kilometers), while often encountering heavy weather.

Russia Ratifies Agreement on Military Cooperation with Kazakhstan

Nov 27   ,   rostechnologiesblog


The Federation Council of the Russian Federation has ratified an agreement on military and technical cooperation with Kazakhstan.

According to the information available, the document regulates mutual military supplies for the armed forces, law enforcement agencies and security services of the two countries. In addition, it envisages a regime for interaction of the sides in the development, production, operation, repair, modernization, prolongation of the service life, and utilization of armaments and military equipment. This agreement is concluded for the term of five years and is automatically renewed for successive five year periods.

It should be noted that Russia has already signed similar agreements with Belarus and Armenia.