The accident did not affect the timing of the adoption of the F-35 fighter jets into service

Fighterr F-35A with a maximum combat load on the internal and external hardpoints


31/07/2014 Military parity

The Pentagon has lifted some restrictions of flight conditions  of the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, but in the near future check the technical condition of the aircraft will continue, according to on July 29.

After the resumption of operations  the speed the F-35 was increased from 0.9 M to 1.6 M maximum, but agility is increased slightly – from 3 to 3,2g, also remain in force other restrictions, such as checking the turbine blades  of the ventilator  of  motor  after each three hours of flight . After a fire  of engine on F-35A June 23 Pentagon suspended flights on the aircraft of all three options and decided to resume flights from July 15.

It is reported that if the restriction of flight conditions will persist for a long time, it can affect the timing of the getting of the initial combat readiness of  fighter F-35B of  Marine Corps (July 2015) and the Air Force F-35A (August 2016). However, senior Pentagon officials believe that the limitation regimes will persist for several weeks, rather than months, which will have no impact on the timing of adopting the F-35 fighter jets.

“I am confident that we can produce 1763 F-35A fighter for the United States Air Force, and we will have a powerful military aviation, which will protect our country far beyond the 2030s”, said the head of the Combat Air Command Air Force Gen. Michael Hostage.





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