Topol’s start: RVSN tested a new warhead

Topol’s  start: RVSN tested a new warhead

05/23/2014 Russian newspaper

Correspondent of “RG ” learned the details of test launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile RS -12M ” Topol”, which started Tuesday evening from Kapustin Yar in Astrakhan region . It went to sky at 21.08 Moscow time. And later, the Defense Ministry reported that , quote, “a training warhead missiles with a given accuracy struck conditional goal at the Sary -Shagan in Kazakhstan .”

More precisely, the Treaty on Strategic Offensive Arms the putting of new combat equipment on the old carriers like “Topol” is prohibited. Under the agreement with the United States the missile RS -12M can not have a separated warhead . And nobody enhances more powerful warhead. But the prohibition to use the carrier as a kind of simulator for testing warheads for other missiles also does not exist. Therefore, from the standpoint of Russia’s international obligations everything is clean.

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