Russia to Man Kant Airbase with Professional Servicemen

Russia to Man Kant Airbase with Professional Servicemen

Russian Military Technologies, 26,02.2014

The Russian airbase in Kyrgyzstan will be fully manned with personnel serving under contract by the end of 2014. This information was presented by the press center of the Central Military District.

“There will be no conscripts at the base in Kant after 2014,” the press service said in a statement. According to the military, contract servicemen at the Kant base receive a 30 percent increase in salary, 15 additional vacation days and service housing. Every six months of service under contract at Kant is counted as one year when calculating retirement pensions.

It should be noted that the airbase, located some 20 kilometers outside Bishkek, was established in October 2003 and operates in the interests of the Collective Security Treaty Organization, a Moscow-led security alliance that comprises much of the former Soviet Union. The base currently hosts at least eight Su-25 ground attack aircraft and two Mi-8 combat transport helicopters, as well as over 400 service personnel, according to the Russian military.

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