ARE THERE “bugs ” in the exported equipment?

from Military parity, 27/11/2013

Iraqi Air Force stated that in american fighters F- 16 ( scheduled to purchase a total of 36 units )it found “spy devices” made ​​in Israel , and sent a request to the company Lockheed Martin with the requirement to explain their presence , according November 21 .

According to the Iraqi military , such devices ( “bugs” ) are in fighters which were delivered to Egypt , Oman , Turkey and other countries. This kind of ” computer viruses ” that limit or make it impossible to perform combat missions , if they are undesirable for the U.S. and its allies.

In addition , it was reported that the international program participants of fifth generation fighter F- 35 will receive aircrafts with higher decamouflage signs than those crafts which will come to the US Air Force , Navy and U.S. Marine Corps . Reduced stealth characteristics may significantly limit their combat capabilities.

In 2001, in China it was a scandal about delivered from the U.S. ‘ No. 1 plane ” of PLA Air Force (Presidential aircraft )in which the bugs were found. In the plane it were found 27 ” tabs “. This miniature devices allow to intercept the Chinese leadership talks by satellite.

Russia also ” optimizes ” parameters of weapons and military equipment supplied abroad . How else to explain the fact that the Su-30MKI fighters regularly successfully fly in Russia, but in India it regularly happen disasters with them , especially related with power- plant

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