Lethal and Legendary: The Pick of Russian Weapon Sistems

Lethal and Legendary: The Pick of Russian Weapon Sistems

The R-36M, a strategic third-generation Soviet missile system with the heavy two-stage liquid-propellant silo-launched intercontinental ballistic missile 15А14. In its time it was considered to be the most powerful of its kind in the world.

Russia-Belarus Begin Strategic Biannual Exercises

Russia-Belarus Begin Strategic Biannual Exercises

MOSCOW, September 20 (RIA Novosti) – About 12,000 Russian servicemen will take part in joint biannual military exercises of Russia and Belarus beginning on Friday.

The six-day drills, code named Zapad 2013 (West 2013), will be held on the territories of the two states, including military bases in Belarus and Russia’s Baltic exclave of Kaliningrad, as well as Baltic and Barents sea waters . Over 2,500 Russian troops set off to Belarus on Monday.

Ships from Russia’s Baltic, Black Sea and Northern fleets will take part during the final stage of the exercises.

Observers from over 60 states will attend the two-stage drills, which will also involve “rapid-reaction” units from the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO).

The exercises are held once in two years since 2009, Russian first deputy defense minister Arkady Bakhin earlier said.

Krasnogorsk S.A. Zverev Plant will show its development on Russia Arms EXPO 2013

Krasnogorsk   S.A. Zverev  Plant will show its development on Russia Arms EXPO 2013

20.09.2013 JSC “Krasnogorsk plant named Sergey Zverev”
Krasnogorsk Plant. SA Zvereva (JSC KMZ), a part of the holding of the State Corporation Rostech “Schwabe”, will take part in the IX International Exhibition of Arms, Military Equipment and Ammunition, which will be held from 25 to 28 September 2013 in Nizhny Tagil.

The exhibition will present the first of KMZ tank commander’s sighting and observation combined complex with thermal imaging channel, a tank thermal imaging sight of gunlayer and other products.

The exhibition «Russia Arms EXPO 2013″ will be held in Nizhny Tagil Institute of Metal Testing. Products of KMZ will be presented at the joint stand of holding “Schwabe” in Hall number 2.

Russian military will be sent to Syria

Russian military will be  sent to Syria

20.09.2013 BBCRussian.com
Help for Damascus in safe removal and destruction of chemical weapons , in addition to UN experts , will be emplemenyed by the military of several countries, including Russia , “Kommersant “.

According to a source of publication in the General Staff of the Russian Federation , there are consultations ” regarding the quantitative composition of the contingent “, which can be sent to Syria.

“It is assumed that the group will include experts of Radiation, Chemical and Biological Defense ( NBC ) of the armed forces of the Russian Federation. “- the newspaper writes.

The fact that Russia will take part in the security held in Syria works of removal and destruction of chemical weapons , first told Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov . The newspaper recalled that Sergei Lavrov said about Russian participation in the activities on Tuesday after meeting with French Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius.

The issue of security of objects belonging to the Syrian military chemical program was disscussed by the delegation of the Russian Federation and the United States during recent talks in Geneva. The newspaper reminds that the result of the meeting was a Russian- American “road map” for the establishment of international control over the Syrian chemical arsenals for their further destruction.

It is assumed that the part of the Syrian chemical weapons will be eliminated on the spot , and some – taken out for destruction in a third country.


20.09.2013 Military reveiw

Before the transfer of an aircraft carrier “Vikramaditya” to Navies of India it remains a few weeks. The Russian industry completes final checks and tests systems. In accordance with the plans in October carrier will return to the factory “Sevmash” in Severodvinsk, where it will be prepared for the transition to the new duty station. Delivery of the aircraft carrier to the customer is scheduled for November 15.

Putin Urges Russian Weaponry Makers to Keep Up With Demands

Putin Urges Russian Weaponry Makers  to Keep Up With Demands

IZHEVSK, September 18 (RIA Novosti) – Russian President Vladimir Putin urged his country’s arms manufacturers on Wednesday to produce weapons that are superior to those of possible adversaries.

“Our past successes are no reason to sit back and relax,” he said during a visit to the Kalashnikov gun maker. “We must constantly strive to stay on top of current demands.”

He added that many of Russia’s legendary weapons were “no longer able to make the grade.”

He urged the Defense Ministry and weapons makers to redouble their efforts to develop new models of arms and military equipment, especially precision weaponry and fire-control systems.

Putin’s remarks came soon after a senior Defense Ministry official said Russia’s defense industry technology was largely outdated, lagging decades behind competitors.

Lt. Gen. Alexander Shevchenko said earlier in September that many defense firms were still not ready for mass production of high-tech weapons systems and many military technologies were still at 1980s levels.

There has been a disturbing decline in the quality of weapon production, he said, adding that this was mainly due to obsolete equipment and an extremely low pace of modernization.

The Russian government has reportedly allocated 20 trillion rubles ($640 billion) for the comprehensive rearmament of the country’s Armed Forces. The measure is expected to make the share of modern weaponry rise to 30 percent by 2015, and exceed 70 percent by 2020.

Russian Deputy Prime Minister Dmitry Rogozin said Tuesday that Russia would spend $650 billion for the rearmament and modernization of its armed forces through 2020.

Russia, NATO to Hold Joint Military Drills in September

Russia, NATO to Hold Joint Military Drills in September

MOSCOW, September 19 (RIA Novosti) – Russia and NATO will hold joint military exercises in late September, the NATO-Russia Council (NRC) has reported.

The readiness of the NRC’s air traffic monitoring system, the Cooperative Airspace Initiative (CAI), to detect and respond to aircraft hijacking will be tested during live drills dubbed “Vigilant Skies” on September 23-27, the council said in a statement posted on its website earlier this month.

The first part of the drills envisions the following scenario: A simulated “renegade” civilian aircraft will take off in Poland and move in the direction of Russia’s westernmost exclave of Kaliningrad.

Air traffic controllers in Warsaw and Moscow will jointly use the CAI system to identify the plane as a potential source of threat and send Russian and Polish fighters to intercept and escort the “renegade” plane back to the airfield.

The exercises’ second part will be held over the Black Sea. Turkish and Russian air traffic controllers and fighter jets will be engaged in joint work to identify, intercept and escort the renegade aircraft, and neutralize the potential threat from such a situation to population centers, the NRC’s statement said.

The CAI covers three NRC regions: the geographic spaces between Norway and Russia, Poland and Russia, and between Turkey and Russia, with two central coordination centers located in Moscow and Warsaw.