” Rosoboronexport ” has signed five agreements with Italian companies

Gazeta.ru, 30.08.2013
” Rosoboronexport ” has signed five new agreements for projects in the field of special aircraft with two Italian companies Finmeccanica and OMASUD at MAKS – 2013 , the correspondent ” Gazety.Ru .”

Two agreements with Finmeccanica prescribed conditions to ensure the operation of the Be -200 and AN- 140-100 , which will be exported to the countries of the “Third World ” The aircraft equipped with electronic systems of production Finmeccanica.

The third agreement obliges the country to deliver the “third world ” ground complex of flight data processing “Topaz- M” . The fourth agreement is aimed at establishing a joint production of new modification amphibious aircraft Be- 103.

The fifth agreement with OMASUD aimed at creating the conditions for a joint venture on the basis of the Be -112 light amphibious aircraft needed to patrol the waters .

” The agreement is aimed at co-creation and promotion in third countries markets advanced aviation systems which will meet the requirements of potential customers. These aircraft will be in particular demand by States having a long maritime border and the” problem area “- the deputy director of” Rosoboronexport ” Alexander Mikheyev said.

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