At MAKS a new anti-aircraft system was shown

At MAKS  a new anti-aircraft system was shown

Concern PVO ” Almaz- Antey” shown at MAKS – 2013 in Zhukovsky a new air defense missile system of medium-range S- 350E “Vityazy “, the blog bmpd writes. This sistem uses a series of anti-aircraft missiles 9M96 , similar to those which used in the C- 300PMU -2 . According to the index of demonstrated products , it appears in the export version .

The first show of the “Vityazy” held in mid- June 2013 in the premises Obukhov factory in St. Petersburg. This show was closed ; technique was demonstrated during a visit to the factory of Russian President Vladimir Putin. Then it became known that before the end of 2013 “Vityazy” will be transferred to the Ministry of Defense of Russia to the test.

” Vityazy” is a self-propelled launcher with missiles and medium-range . The complex works in conjunction with all-aspect radar and command post on the basis of car BAZ . In the future, he will have to partially replace aging C-300 and complement the multi-layered system of air and missile defense of Russia , which structure will also include new air defense system S- 400 and S -500

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