The first stage of sea trials of aircraft carrier “Vikramaditya” is successfully completed

TSAMTO, July 30. The aircraft carrier “Vikramaditya” has successfully completed sea trials in the White Sea, and began the transition to the Barents Sea, reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the representative of JSC “PO” Sevmash “.

The source said to the agency : “test program completed in the White Sea, an aircraft carrier” Vikramaditya “will go to tasting areas in the Barents Sea for flight tests and shipboard practice of sailors Indian crew. In the White Sea were performed basic testing stages of the main power unit (GEU) aircraft carrier, namely to ensure the combat economic progress. Also GEU was tested in a full stroke at a speed of 24 knots. On the night of July 28, the aircraft carrier “Vikramaditya” has reached its maximum speed of 29.2 knot. “

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