Russia set to create National Defence Center

Russia set to create National Defence  Center

RZHEVKA (Leningrad region), July 31 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian military has started work on the creation of the National Defense Center, which will enhance the operational management of the armed forces and ensure prompt response to strategic threats, Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said Wednesday.

“We have begun the creation of such a center. It is a lot of work. We have already outlined the main criteria for the center,” Shoigu said.

According to the minister, the center will consolidate command over the country’s armed forces, especially the nuclear triad and rapid reaction forces. It will also allow real-time monitoring of day-to-day activities of military units around the country.

Col. Gen. Pavel Popov, who has been deputy emergencies minister since 2008, will be reassigned to the Defense Ministry and oversee the creation of the center, Shoigu said.

The Russian Armed Forces are in the midst of a major program of reform, including a gradual transition to an all-volunteer makeup, organizational changes and re-equipment with advanced weapons.

The current strength of the Russian military is estimated at 1,040,000 personnel in active service and 2,035,000 in reserve.

Iran not in S-300 missile replacement talks – envoy

Iran not  in S-300  missile  replacement talks - envoy

MOSCOW, July 31 (RIA Novosti) – Iran and Russia have not discussed Moscow’s tentative offer to supply Tehran with Antei-2500 surface-to-air missile systems instead of the S-300, whose sale was previously blocked by the Kremlin, Iran’s envoy to Russia said Wednesday.

“As for the Antei-2500 [missile] systems, it’s just words,” Seyed Mahmoud-Reza Sajjadi told RIA Novosti. “There were no agreements, and there are no talks [on the matter].”

“We’re waiting for Russia’s concrete proposals,” he added at a press conference later the same day.

Russia agreed in 2007 to supply Iran with then state-of-the-art S-300 air defense systems, but scrapped the deal in 2010, unilaterally expanding on sanctions ordered by the UN (Resolution 1747) against that country over its alleged nuclear weapons development program.

The ban on the S-300 deal was ordered by then-President Dmitry Medvedev, following intense lobbying by the United States.

Tehran filed a $4 billion lawsuit against Moscow for compensation for failing to complete the deal. Moscow is now trying to settle the matter out of court.

Kommersant daily reported in June that Russia was ready to supply the Antei-2500 air defense system, itself a modification of the S-300 and superior to early variants of that system in capability, but this was never officially confirmed.

The paper quoted unnamed sources in the Russian arms industry who claimed that Antei-2500, a modification originally developed for Russia’s ground forces, did not technically come under the remit of Medvedev’s ban, but the sources did not explain on what grounds.

The designation S-300 is a blanket term for a family of related air defense systems, including radars, command posts and several different missiles, with a range of capabilities, including the ability to intercept cruise and ballistic missiles, defense analysts say.

Possibly hinting at a chill in relations, Sajjadi also denied Wednesday that Russian President Vladimir Putin plans to visit Iran for talks with his newly elected counterpart Hassan Rouhani in mid-August.

“The matter of Putin’s visit is not even being discussed,” Sajjadi said, adding that the speaker of the lower house of the Russian parliament, Sergei Naryshkin, will represent Russia at Rouhani’s inauguration on August 3.

Putin and Rouhani will have their first meeting at a summit of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization in Bishkek on Sept. 13, Sajjadi said later at his press conference.

Putin is slated to tour the Caspian Sea littoral nations in mid-August, but not Iran. Kommersant said last week Moscow and Tehran had failed to agree on whether Rouhani should come to visit Putin in the port city of Bandar-e Anzali, or whether the Russian president would visit the Iranian capital.

A Kremlin spokesman said last week Putin’s trip to Iran was on the cards, but gave no timeframe.

Iran is also ready to hold another round of talks in September with the 5+1 group, comprising the five permanent UN Security Council members plus Germany, Sajjadi said. He said it was up to the group to give an exact timeframe.

United States will provide Ground Forces Iraq with service of ground equipment

United States will provide  Ground Forces Iraq with service  of  ground  equipment

TSAMTO, July 30. The Agency for Defense Security Cooperation (DSCA) U.S. Defense Department on July 25 notified Congress of a proposed sale to Iraq under the “Foreign Military Sales” the services for a variety of platforms.

The total price of the agreement could reach $ 750 million.

The Iraqi government has asked the United States to the request of the possibility of the provision of services for a period of five years for ARV M-88A1, M-88A2 «Hercules’ , family M-113 armored fighting vehicles, self-propelled howitzers M-109A5, towed howitzers M-198, heavy trucks -1070 (HETT), M-977 , armored HMMWV and tactical floating bridges TFRBS (Tactical Floating River Bridge System), the supply of spare parts and components, accessories and training equipment, technical documentation, training, technical support from the contractor and the U.S. government, and other related elements of logistical problems.

The first Indian SSBN “Arihant” waits till monsoon over

31.07.2013 military parity
The first Indian nuclear submarine ballistic missile INS Arihant («Fighter enemies” – a comment. “VP”) will soon be released to sea trials, according to “The Diplomat” today with reference to The Tribune.

According to an unnamed Indian official, the nuclear reactor of the submarine at any time can be led to the operating mode, and nuclear ballistic missiles are already aboard the SSBN

The procurement of missiles of Russian-Indian production “BrahMos” is interesting for 14 countries – the company-developer

31.07.2013 ARMS-TASS
Interest in importing different versions of a supersonic missile “BrahMos” is expressed by 14 countries. About this the president of the Russian-Indian venture “BrahMos Aerospace” , which is engaged in the development of rockets, Dr. Sivathanu Pillai today told to reporters .

“As far as I understand, the Russian authorities are positive for export, and the final word – for the government of India,” – he said, but declined to name the potential buyer countries.

The first stage of sea trials of aircraft carrier “Vikramaditya” is successfully completed

TSAMTO, July 30. The aircraft carrier “Vikramaditya” has successfully completed sea trials in the White Sea, and began the transition to the Barents Sea, reports “RIA Novosti” with reference to the representative of JSC “PO” Sevmash “.

The source said to the agency : “test program completed in the White Sea, an aircraft carrier” Vikramaditya “will go to tasting areas in the Barents Sea for flight tests and shipboard practice of sailors Indian crew. In the White Sea were performed basic testing stages of the main power unit (GEU) aircraft carrier, namely to ensure the combat economic progress. Also GEU was tested in a full stroke at a speed of 24 knots. On the night of July 28, the aircraft carrier “Vikramaditya” has reached its maximum speed of 29.2 knot. “

Russian Gov’t OKs military collaboration deal with Spain

Russian Gov't OKs military collaboration deal  with Spain

MOSCOW, July 29 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian government has approved a defense collaboration agreement with Spain, according to a document posted on the government’s website Monday.

The agreement defines the goals, areas and forms of bilateral collaboration in defense, including the exchange of information on military, political and international security issues, confidence-building measures and arms control, the document says.

Other areas include the sharing of experience and expertise in international peacekeeping operations, as well as joint exercises.

The agreement creates a legal framework for the organization of visits by the countries’ warships and warplanes on a reciprocal basis, joint personnel training programs, and participation in sports and cultural activities, the document says.

It also stresses that the agreement does not conflict with any of Russia’s current laws and will not require the provision of any additional funding from the federal budget.

Australia sold used tranaporters to Indonesia

Australia sold used tranaporters to Indonesia

Ministries of Defence of Australia and Indonesia signed a memorandum of sale of the five used military transport aircraft C-130H Hercules to Asian state, according to Jane’s. The amount of deal is undisclosed, but according to the Australian military offices, machines have been sold “at a discount.” Under the deal, Indonesia will also get a simulator and spare parts.

Russian DVKD of the “Mistral” will require outposts

30.07.2013 TSAMTO
. Russian Navy needs Helicopter carrier type “Mistral”, but to ensure that the assigned tasks, they will require an anti-submarine ships and missile defense.

About this, as reported by “RIA Novosti”, the former commander of the Russian Navy (1992-1997 gg.) Admiral Felix Gromov said.

According to him, “the ship itself, which has the functions of transportation and landing, and can also perform tasks Staff vessel, has the right to exist, in particular, and as part of our fleet. At the same time, the presence of such a ship at sea without a care, support groups attack ships, anti-submarine and air defense, is questionable because of their own means of defense are not enough “- the agency said.

According to F.Gromova, “Mistral” needs good protection to ensure their “combat stability in case of critical situations”, – the “RIA Novosti”.