Venezuelan Air Force plans to buy helicopters “Cougar”

Venezuelan Air Force plans to buy helicopters “Cougar”
27.06.2013 TSAMTO
TSAMTO, June 26. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that as part of the modernization program the Air Force plans to purchase 12 helicopters “Cougar” Company “Eurocopter”.

According to the Venezuelan news agency AVN (Agencia Venezolana de Noticias), the head of state did not specify the version of the helicopter, but it is known that earlier Venezuelan Air Force considered the possibility of purchasing EC-725 “Super Cougar”.

Czech Republic will deliver to Libya armored vehicles BRDM-2 and BVP-1

Czech Republic will deliver  to Libya armored vehicles BRDM-2 and BVP-1

27.06.2013 Arms-expo

Czech Group companies agreed with the Libyan government contract potentially worth one billion kroons (38.6 million euros), providing for the supply of a large batch of armored fighting vehicles.

The Libyan government and the three defense equipment manufacturer from the Czech Republic signed an agreement for the supply of 350 BRDM-2 and BVP-1.
No exact timing of the agreement is not mentioned. Earlier, the Czech Republic was one of the largest suppliers of military equipment during the rule of Muammar Gaddafi.

In St. Petersburg the stern of the first Russian “Mistral” was launched into the water

Petersburg shipyard “Baltic Shipyard” June 26, 2013 launched into the water the aft part of the first Russian landing ship dock “Vladivostok” type “Mistral”, reports “Interfax”. It is expected that on 8 July, the stern will be sent to the French DCNS shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, where it is docked to the bow, built in France

Russia is waiting for the completion of testing of AN-70

Russia is waiting for the completion of testing of AN-70

27.06.2013 Ukrinform

Question about the production and purchase of military transport aircraft An-70 in Russia will be considered after the completion of the tests. This was stated in the sidelines of the international scientific conference “The Russian-Ukrainian relations: Realities and Prospects,” by the president of “United Aircraft Corporation” (UAC) Mikhail Pogosyan, UKRINFORM correspondent in Russia reports.

“The aircraft (An-70 – Ed.) Is being tested. Based on the results of these tests the decision about further action on this project will be taken,” – said Pogosyan.

He assured that the Russian military pilots taking part in the trial, but he should not comment on the relationship between the customer on behalf of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation and the supplier.

China will ask Russia to equip the Su-35 wth national equipment

China will  ask Russia to equip the Su-35  wth national equipment

27.06.2013 military parity
The admission to the PLA Air Force Sukhoi of Su-35s produced in Russia will create a powerful counterweight to the military aviation of Japan, India and Vietnam, according to today

Canadian Journal the Chinese Defense Review believes that by 2015 the Russian Air Force will be delivered 48 fighters of this type, therefore, China will get its 24 Su-35 in the years 2016-2018, although the head of the corporation “Rostec” Victor Chemezov said that deliveries will begin in the second half of 2014. By the time the Japanese Air Force has not yet manage to get the F-35A, and Indian fighter of the fifth generation FGFA will enter to service no earlier than 2020. Thus, the PLA Air Force until 2020, will have a qualitative superiority over the military aviation of these countries.

Perhaps China will ask Russia to part the board equipment of the Su-35 with a Chinese design production, particularly in the systems integration of weapons, sensors, communications equipment and data lines. This is necessary to enable the Chinese Su-35 can interact with fighters and AWACS aircraft KJ-200 and KJ-2000, as well as Navy ships and equipped with weapons of national production.

Shipyard “Yantar” completes the production of frigates for India

26.06.2013 Military-Industrial Courier
JSC “Baltic Shipyard” Yantar “(BSL, Kaliningrad) on June 29 will hand over to India a frigate Trikand (« Bow “), thereby completing the construction of a series of Project 11356 ships for the Navy.

As the press service of the plant informs , a handover ceremony will take place on the waterfront frigate factory and on board of the ship. Its key elements will be the signing of the act of receiving and lifting the Indian naval flag on the ship.

“Ukrspecexport” won the tender for the repair of the MiG-21 of the Ministry of Defence of Croatia

26.06.2013 UNN

The state company “Ukrspecexport” won the tender for the provision of repair and modernization of MiG-21 aircraft for the Air Force and Air Defense Forces of the Republic of Croatia, reports UNN, citing the press service of the Civil Code “Ukroboronprom.”

The corresponding decision was made at the beginning of June by the Ministry of Defence of Croatia. The tender was also attended by the company “Aerostar” (Romania).