All Russian missile brigades to get Iskander sistems bi 2018

All  Russian  missile  brigades to get Iskander sistems  bi 2018

MOSCOW, June 28 (RIA Novosti) – Iskander-M ballistic missile systems, which can effectively engage two targets within a minute at a range of up to 280 kilometers, will be provided to all Russian Ground Forces missile brigades by 2018, the country’s defense minister said Friday.

The missiles have a non-ballistic flight path that is difficult for the enemy to predict and are guided throughout their flight.

On Friday, a missile brigade in southern Russia’s Astrakhan Region received an advanced Iskander-M missile complex, which “has no match in the world for its tactical specifications,” Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on a visit to the facility, Russian media reported.

The complex was delivered in a complete set, rather than “piecemeal” as previously done, the minister said. He stressed the importance of ensuring high personnel-training standards and the construction of new infrastructure for the system to be operated effectively.

In 2011, then-President Dmitry Medvedev announced plans to deploy Iskander missiles in Russia’s westernmost Kaliningrad Region, to counter the threat posed by US plans to deploy missile defense elements in Europe. NATO and the United States have insisted that the shield would defend NATO members against missiles from North Korea and Iran and would not be directed at Russia.

Russia proposed a joint missile defense system, an idea that many experts both at home and abroad dismiss as unviable and unrealistic. Then it demanded “legally binding guarantees” that US/NATO missiles would not be aimed at Russia.

Since Moscow’s proposal received a lukewarm response in the West, Russia has been warning of unspecified low-cost “asymmetric measures” to counter the future Western missile defense system.

Iran, Russia to hold joint Navy grills in Caspian sea

Iran, Russia to hold joint Navy grills in Caspian sea

ASTRAKHAN, June 28 (RIA Novosti) – The Russian and Iranian navies are planning to hold joint exercises in the Caspian Sea in the second half of this year, a Russian military commander said Friday.

Nikolai Yakubovsky, deputy commander of Russia’s Caspian Flotilla, made the announcement after a meeting with the commander of a group of Iranian guided-missile boats that were visiting the port of Astrakhan.

Iranian navy representatives welcomed the opportunity to take part in the joint exercises, but declined to discuss the plans in more detail.

In 2009, Russia and Iran held their first joint naval exercise in the Caspian, involving about 30 ships.

Caspian Flotilla commander Admiral Sergey Alekminsky said in an interview with Moscow radio station Ekho Moskvy in November that the two navies could strengthen their collaboration in the future.

Ukraine has shown the first “Oplot” for Thailand

Kharkiv Plant on June 26, 2013 showed the first series main battle tank “Oplot”, collected under contract with the Ministry of Defence of Thailand, the Ukrainian edition MediaPort reported. Tank, board number “01 Yellow” was inspected by the delegation of the Thai Army, led by the commander of the armored troops Bunsantinom Sansavatom. When the machine is to be transferred to the customer, is not specified.

The premiere of the latest anti-aircraft missile systems will be shown at the MAKS-2013

The premiere of the latest anti-aircraft missile systems will be shown at the MAKS-2013

28.06.2013 JSC “Air Show”

Serial samples of the newest anti-aircraft missiles (SAMs) of domestic production will be firstly presented at the XI International Aviation and Space Salon MAKS-2013, Russian President Putin said at a meeting in St. Petersburg.
“Today, our production samples are one of the best weapons in the world, and this is evidenced, in particular, by their popularity, especially anti-aircraft missile systems in the world arms market. Some of them, we will show for the first time at the MAKS this year,” – Head of State said after visiting the Obukhov factory. Developments in the field of air defense missile systems, according to Putin, are able to insure the solution of the tasks of Aerospace Defense (ASD) of Russia for the period up to 2020.
ASD Force has already received the radar “Voronezh-M” and “Voronezh-DM”. Also, troops were stepped up by anti-aircraft missile system “Pantsir-S”, S-400. SAM “Vityaz-defense” . The radar “Container” and “Nebo-M” are in the testing stage. Also the perspective system S-500 is in development , it is able to solve the problem for the destruction of tactical and medium-range missiles, as well as targets in near space.

India has announced a tender for the supply of ship’s radar

India has announced a tender for the supply of ship's radar

Indian Ministry of Defence has announced a tender for the supply of ship radar circular viewing areas, Defense News reports. The winner will receive a contract worth $ 300 million. The invitation to tender only national companies in India were received, Foreign firms will not be admitted to the competition, but will be able to provide consulting services and technology transfer to Indians.

New Photos of the SAM “Vityaz”

28.06.2013 VPK
New photos of a launcher of perspective anti-aircraft missile system of medium-range “Vityaz” for the first time demonstrated for public on June 19 at the site of “GOZ Obukhov plant” (St. Petersburg, the company is a member of OJSC “Concern PVO” Almaz-Antey “).

Venezuelan Air Force plans to buy helicopters “Cougar”

Venezuelan Air Force plans to buy helicopters “Cougar”
27.06.2013 TSAMTO
TSAMTO, June 26. Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro announced that as part of the modernization program the Air Force plans to purchase 12 helicopters “Cougar” Company “Eurocopter”.

According to the Venezuelan news agency AVN (Agencia Venezolana de Noticias), the head of state did not specify the version of the helicopter, but it is known that earlier Venezuelan Air Force considered the possibility of purchasing EC-725 “Super Cougar”.

Czech Republic will deliver to Libya armored vehicles BRDM-2 and BVP-1

Czech Republic will deliver  to Libya armored vehicles BRDM-2 and BVP-1

27.06.2013 Arms-expo

Czech Group companies agreed with the Libyan government contract potentially worth one billion kroons (38.6 million euros), providing for the supply of a large batch of armored fighting vehicles.

The Libyan government and the three defense equipment manufacturer from the Czech Republic signed an agreement for the supply of 350 BRDM-2 and BVP-1.
No exact timing of the agreement is not mentioned. Earlier, the Czech Republic was one of the largest suppliers of military equipment during the rule of Muammar Gaddafi.

In St. Petersburg the stern of the first Russian “Mistral” was launched into the water

Petersburg shipyard “Baltic Shipyard” June 26, 2013 launched into the water the aft part of the first Russian landing ship dock “Vladivostok” type “Mistral”, reports “Interfax”. It is expected that on 8 July, the stern will be sent to the French DCNS shipyard in Saint-Nazaire, where it is docked to the bow, built in France