The first photo of salvo launch of “Bulava” is declassified

Moscow Institute of Thermal evening March 28, 2013 declassified the first photo of salvo launch of an intercontinental ballistic missile R-30 “Bulava-30” lounched from the board of the strategic nuclear submarine “Yury Dolgoruky” project 955 “Borey” December 23, 2011

The armed forces of Venezuela have got another batch of BMP-3

The armed forces of Venezuela  have got another batch of BMP-3

29.03.2013 / TSAMTO

The armed forces of Venezuela received another batch of Russian infantry fighting vehicles, according to “Infodifensa” referring to the newspaper “Notitarde.”

According to media reports, in 2009 it was ordered for Venezuela 123 of armored vehicles BMP-3 versions of the BMP-3M, BMP-3K. Deliveries started in 2011. The information about follow-purchase were not disclosed.

Libya will spend $ 4.7 billion for defense

Libya will spend for  defense  $ 4.7 billion

29.03.2013 /

Government of Libya at the next year intends to allocate for the purchase of new weapons and military equipment worth $ 4.7 billion, according to UPI, with reference to the official representatives of the authorities. The amount is about ten percent of the state budget. Details of the upcoming defense procurement Libya still unknown. Now Libian army isarmed with military hardware of Soviet manufacture.

In an interview with The National (UAE), a senior Air Force officer, Colonel Nasser Bousnina said that the country needs to protect two thousand kilometers of coastline in the Mediterranean. With all weapons and military equipment used by the Libyan military, already well out of date. According Bousnina, now all three of the armed forces of Libya intend to buy Western-made equipment.

Military industry – target area of ​​cooperation between Poland and Armenia

Military industry - target area of ​​cooperation between  Poland and Armenia

29.03.2013 /
The delegation, led by Secretary of Armenian National Security Council Arthur Baghdasaryan on invitation of the head of National Security Bureau of Poland Stanislaw goat arrived in Poland. The press office of the National Security Council of Armenia.
As a first step towards the development of the defense industry as the target areas for cooperation, today in Warsaw has signed an agreement between the company “Lubava” and Charentsavan Machine Tool Works of Armenian Defense Ministry on establishing a joint Armenian-Polish enterprise.

The armed forces of Estonia got the first radar “Ground Master 403”

TSAMTO, . During the ceremony, held on 26 March at the island Muhu with presence of Minister of Defence of Estonia Urmas Reinsalu, the armed forces of the country adopted a new three-axis radar “Ground Master 403” company “Thales Raytheon Systems.”
In May 2009, the Ministries of Defense of Finland and Estonia announced the selection of the company “Thales Raytheon Systems’ as supplier of new radar system designed to control the air space of the two states.

Brazilian Army will be supplemented by 36 M109A5 Plus

Brazilian Army will be  supplemented  by  36 M109A5  Plus

28.03.2013 / military parity

Brazilian Army has allowed the provision of payment for the acquisition of 36 self-propelled artillery M109A5 in accordance with “Foreign military sales» programm (FMS), according to the army bulletin № 13 of 22 March. Amount of the advance payment is 399, 615 thousand dollars.
Modernization of 37 self-propelled guns M109A3 and acquisition of 36 aditional M1095A5 are in the frame of the army program RECOP (Recuperação da Capacidade Operacional). Decision to purchase 36 gun mounts were made ​​in June 2012, in August of that year the group of Brazil’s militaries came to the U.S. to prepare artillery systems, inventory, spare parts and other equipment related to the supply M109A5 to Brazil

AgustaWestland will supply 11 helicopters AW189 to rescue services in Britain

AgustaWestland  will supply 11 helicopters AW189 to rescue services in Britain

28.03.2013 /

Company Bristow Helicopters, which is under contract with the Ministry of Transport of the UK will ensure the operation of British search and rescue services for 10 years has chosen helicopter AW189 as basic hardware.

Via helicopter manufacturer AgustaWestland says that 11 machines will be deliveried , the contract with the provision of training, maintenance, and repair of the search and rescue helicopters will exceed 275 million euros.

AW189 – search and rescue helicopter, since its launch in June 2011, it has received 70 firm orders and options.

Holding company “Helicopters of Russia” strengthens its position in the African market

28.03.2013 / TSAMTO
Holding company “Helicopters of Russia” (a subsidiary of “Oboronprom” included in the State Corporation Rostechnadzor) and the South African company “Denel Aviation” opened in South Africa, a service center for repair and maintenance of Russian-made helicopters.

Destroyers and submarines: Russia arms China (“Die Welt”, Germany)

28.03.2013 / InoSMI

According to Chinese sources, Russia and China have signed a contract to supply 24 fighters and four submarines. It is the largest bilateral agreement of this kind in a decade.

After the visit of the President of China Xi Tszinpina to Moscow Chinese government media reported about new military agreement between Moscow and Beijing. State broadcaster CCTV said about the agreement, providing for the delivery of 24 advanced fighters such as the Su-35 and four submarines “Lada” China for the first time in ten years buys heavy military technology from Russia. According to the channel, the agreement was signed shortly before the trip of the Head of China to Moscow

Russia seals energy, military cooperation deals with South Africa

Russia seals energy, military cooperation deals with South Africa

The Russian-South African talks on the sidelines of the BRICS summit produced a wide range of agreements, including a joint declaration on strategic partnership, cooperation in communications and joint construction of nuclear power plants.
Russia is ready to provide credit support for South Africa to build nuclear power plants using Russian specialists. Development of cooperation with South Africa in the energy sector has a huge potential, according to the Russian leader.
“Russia is offering South Africa not only to help with construction of nuclear power reactors, but also with the creation of an advanced nuclear power industry, including the extraction of raw materials, construction of NPPs and research reactors, design and domestic production of nuclear power equipment with Russian credit support,” RIA Novosti has quoted Putin as saying.
Besides the nuclear sphere, Putin and his counterpart Jacob Zuma also agreed on cooperation in the field of communication. In particular, South Africa will help Russia maintain the Global Navigation Satellite System (GLONASS).
“A quantum-optical system will be established in South Africa to increase the accuracy of GLONASS signal reception in the Southern Hemisphere,” Putin told journalists at the press-conference.
The Russian leader also added that the Space center in South Africa will be used to retrieve data from Russian satellites according to the “Radioastron” Project. The sides signed the essential document on Tuesday after the high-level talks.
Putin set a target to increase the trade turnover between the two states.
“Our countries have a good basis for increasing cooperation. In 2012, the turnover grew by a record 66.3 per cent, almost reaching $ 1 billion, which is almost twice more than in 2011. In the medium term we plan to increase the volume of bilateral trade by several times,” Putin said, adding that Russian companies”raised more than $ 1 billion in mutually beneficial projects in South Africa, invested this money in its economy.”

Russia and South Africa have agreed to coordinate their actions for key global problems, including the current situation in Syria.
“Russia and South Africa share common approaches to key global issues. We cooperate in the UN, the BRICS and other international organizations. We agreed to further coordinate our actions, including for peaceful solutions to the Syrian crisis,” said Putin.
The Russian President also promised to think about the possibility of Russia’s support for a UN Security Council resolution on the cross-border provision of humanitarian assistance to Syria.
Russia and South Africa signed a declaration on a strategic partnership.
In particular, the document states the need to “enhance military cooperation, including military and military-technical cooperation on a long term basis and other forms of interaction between the armed forces of the two countries.”
The sides also agreed to cooperate in the fight against international terrorism, separatism, organized crime and drug trafficking.