Arrival of the next batch of Su-30MK2 fighters to Indonesia

Arrival of the next batch of Su-30MK2 fighters to Indonesia

This past Friday night a skeleton two Su-30MK2 fighters (of 6 ordered) arrived to base ‘Hasanuddin” of Indonesian Air Force, they arrived aboard of heavy transport aircraft An-124-100 “Ruslan” . Early Saturday morning began unloading of cargo compartments

Saudi Arabia and T-90 perspective

Saudi Arabia and T-90 perspective

Russian T-90 tank, tested in Saudi Arabia, but it does not yet purchased by the kingdom is genuine admiration of local tank, become familiar with its capabilities. One of the senior officers of the Army of Saudi Arabia said^

“The tank is excellent. Probably perfect for us and our environment, “- said the officer. “I myself serve the” Abrams “and recently was trained on a new modification in the U.S., but that my friends had the opportunity to experience the Russian tank – they are away in delight.”
According to a source at the test in Saudi Arabia was only one T-90. No more required, as no damage has not occurred, despite the test at summer temperatures in all the landscapes of the kingdom. Deal, so was close to that place, but suddenly “something happened and all contact ceased.”

To the question of why Saudi Arabia new type MBT, requires a completely different parts, different standards of service and other things, the officer said confidently that in the military fear dependence on only one supplier, especially when he is inclined to impose its political will on the client. According to the military, if the country has money, she can afford the luxury of a variety of the park. In their view, the kingdom is not lacking in external threats. The main potential enemy is Iran, and the possibility of war with it supposedly is very high. The absence of a common border with the country offset the pro-Iranian orientation of the Iraqi leadership, which, according to the Saudi military, very much influenced by his former enemy.

Tank “Armata” will come in time

Commander of Land Forces, Colonel-General Vladimir Chirkin announced the intention of the Defense Ministry of Russia to purchase party T-90S tanks and upgraded armored infantry fighting vehicles BMP-2.
He told to reporters that for these purchases the defense contracts for 2014-2015 was corrected, and he said: “That is, until the new machines come to the stage of production in 2016-2017 and now they are still in the stage of development work – it is “Armata”, “Kurganets” and “Boomerang”. But we will not lose time and in any case we do not stop to update our fleet of combat vehicles. “

US grounds all F-35s after discovering potentially fatal flaw

US grounds all F-35s after discovering potentially fatal flaw

The Pentagon has halted flights onboard its fleet of F-35 Joint Strike Fighter jets, causing yet another setback for the US Defense Department’s most expensive weapons program.

Lockheed Martin, the manufacturer of the aircraft and the largest defense contractor in the world, confirmed on Friday that the entire American arsenal of F-35s have been grounded after a routine inspection on a test plane at Edwards Air Force Base in California turned up cracked turbine blade.

“Safety is always our first consideration, and the joint inspection team is focused on ensuring the integrity of the engines across the entire fleet so the F-35s can safely return to flight as soon as possible,” Lockheed Martin told the media on Thursday.

The jet’s manufacturer says that stopping test runs of the state-of-the-art craft is only a “precautionary measure,” but it isn’t the first incident that has impacted the program. Years in the making, the humongous fleet of F-35s being developed for the Pentagon has experienced a myriad of obstacles before ever taking off the ground, and recent estimates suggest that the entire operation will cost the country $1 trillion in order to keep the jets up and running through 2050, dwarfing the original price-tag several times over. Now with yet another delay, the cost is expected to increase yet again. With each flight valued at around $238 million, though, further inspections will be required in order to make sure the entire trillion-dollar fleet doesn’t go up in smoke.

CMI Defence and Doosan DST presents a new concept of a medium tank with a gun, 120/105 mm

CMI Defence and Doosan DST presents a new concept of a medium tank with a gun, 120/105 mm

Demand for Medium Tanks has been growing. At IDEX 2013 Belgian company CMI Defence and the South Korean Doosan DST jointly presented a new concept 120/105-mm medium tank. The machine is a combination of turret Cockerill XC-8 and K21 IFV tracked chassis of Doosan.
With a total weight of the system of about 25 tons, the concept offers advanced firepower guns caliber of 120mm or 105mm, combined with high operational flexibility and tactical mobility. Cockerill XC-8 is the concept of a light turret , which corresponds to the different requirements of the market, has wide flexibility and meets the requirements for medium tanks. In the turret XC-8 can be set the one of two version of. guns with low recoil force.