If Angola buys aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias?

If Angola buys aircraft carrier Principe de Asturias?

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Spanish Web resource http://www.elconfidencialdigital.com December 2, 2013 said that Spain allegedly would finally managed to sell decommissioned light aircraft carrier R 11 Principe de Asturias – a contract is allegedly agreed by the Spanish Ministry of Defence with Angola . Angola plans to introduce this ship to Navy . Before transmitting to the Angolan side the carrier must undergo a repair at the shipyard Navantia association in El Ferrol. Besides Principe de Asturias, Angola as ” applications” will allegedly receive (under the terms of the contract) another four ships decommissioned from the Spanish fleet – the former frigate F 32 (M 11 ) Diana ( type Descubierta, recent years been used as a command ship mine neutral forces) patrol vessel P 61 Chilreu, patrol boat P 27 Izaro ( type Anaga) and a large landing ship L 42 Pizarro ( former American LST 1196 Harlan County type Newport).
Reliable confirmation of aircraft carrier ‘Principe de Asturias’ sale to Angola is absent. Nevertheless, we know that in August 2013 located in Ferrol decommissioned Principe de Asturias was visited and inspected by the high-ranking Angolan delegation , which included two Navy admirals of Angola. The delegation visited the company Navantia in Ferrol . Representatives of the Spanish Navy and Navantia neither confirmed nor denied the possibility of selling the ship to Angola.

Spain is developing a ” revolutionary new frigate “

Spain is developing a

11/26/2013 Military parity
Spanish Navy plan to replace ships class Santa Maria ( modification of the U.S. missile frigates class Oliver Hazard Perry – approx. “VP” ) , who are approaching end of life ( from 2020 ) by six stealth frigates promising F- 110 , rpdefense.over -blog.com reports on November 22.

Work commenced in 2010, commissioning of the lead ship is planned in 2025. Multipurpose warships will be built at the shipyard of Navantia, will be operated for 40 years and equipped with unmanned systems for different types of operations at sea , in the air and under water.

Pakistan Navy formally adopted the fourth frigate of project F-22P

Pakistan Navy formally adopted the fourth  frigate of  project F-22P

06.09.2013 TSAMTO
The naval forces of Pakistan in the course of ceremony September 3 in Karachi officially adopted the last of the four frigates F-22P – «Aslat» . ordered in China

According to “Jane’s Defence Weekly”, Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who presented at the ceremony, said that “the construction of F-22P frigates at a shipyard in Karachi is the symbol of the strong friendship that exists between China and Pakistan.”

Frigate “Aslat” was entirely built at the plant of Pakistan “Karachi shipyard and Engineering Works» (KSEW) as part of technology transfer agreements

The Spanish Government has allocated additional funds for the realization of major defense programs

The Spanish Government has allocated additional funds for the realization of major defense programs

02/08/2013 TSAMTO
The Spanish government has approved the allocation of additional funds in excess of the annual defense budget to pay debts to suppliers on 15 key programs for upgrading the country’s armed forces.

According to “Jane’s Defence Weekly”, held on July 27th meeting of the Cabinet of Ministers of Spain made a decision on the allocation of 877.33 million euros in addition to the plan for 2013 defense budget in the amount of 5.937 billion euros. The decision was approved by royal decree.

According to the document, the largest tranche in the amount of 371.5 million euros will be used to repay debt under the “Eurofighter-Typhoon.”

State company “Navantiya” will be listed 93.2 and 69.8 million euros for works on the amphibious assault ship (UDC) “Juan Carlos I» and the frigate F-105 “Christopher Columbus.” The company will also receive 28.27 million euros for the work on the Universal Transport logistics BAC (Buque de Aprovisionamiento de Combate) A-15 “Cantabria” and 1 million euros in the project coastal patrol ship BAM (Buque de Accion Maritima).

“Eurocopter” will receive 88.26 million euros in the scope of supply for the Spanish Armed Forces attack helicopters “Tiger”, 75.1 million euros at the NH-90 program, 10 million euros for the project to supply helicopters EC-135. “Airbus Militaire” allocated 46.6 million euros for the supply of aircraft VTA A-400M. Companies “Sener” stands 15,080,000 euros as part of the delivery of cruise missiles KEPD-350 “Taurus” class “air-surface”.

The list also included the company “General Dynamics Santa Barbara Sistemas,” which will receive 34.58 million euros for the continuation of the program delivery of ATRA “Spike” and 32.47 million euros for 155/52-mm howitzers SBT.

The USC will present more than 40 exhibits at the International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg

The USC  will represent more than 40 exhibits  at the International Maritime Defense Show in St. Petersburg

02.07.2013 ARMS-TASS
MOSCOW, July 1. (ARMS-TASS). More than 40 exhibits will be presented by the United Shipbuilding Corporation (USC) at the Sixth International Maritime Defense Show (IMDS-2013), which will be held from 3 to 7 July in St. Petersburg. This was reported by ITAR-TASS, the press service of USC.

“USC is the largest member of the IMDS in St. Petersburg. Total area of ​​the stand will be nearly 1,200 square meters, which will feature more than 40 items, grouped into five thematic areas: long-term projects, submarines, frigates / corvettes, boats and civic projects,” – the representative of USC
According to him, the key to the exhibition will be the USC: Non-nuclear submarine “Amur-1650″ with airindependent engine (designed by CDB ME “Rubin”), diesel-electric submarine “Amur-950″, the development by the same “Rubin”, a multi-purpose Project 22356 frigate (designed by the North PKB), corvettes and patrol vessels develop CMDB “Almaz” and Zelenodolsk PKB, as well as a range of modern boats for different purposes.

Shipyard “Yantar” completes the production of frigates for India

26.06.2013 Military-Industrial Courier
JSC “Baltic Shipyard” Yantar “(BSL, Kaliningrad) on June 29 will hand over to India a frigate Trikand (« Bow “), thereby completing the construction of a series of Project 11356 ships for the Navy.

As the press service of the plant informs , a handover ceremony will take place on the waterfront frigate factory and on board of the ship. Its key elements will be the signing of the act of receiving and lifting the Indian naval flag on the ship.

The crew of the frigate of the French Navy “Vendemiaire” will take part in the parade in honor of Victory Day

The frigate of the French Navy “Vendemiaire.” have Arrived in Vladivostok . The main purpose of the visit – taking part in the parade in honor of Victory Day. In the port , Rear Admiral An Kyuler, the commander of ship’s crew, was met by the commander of the division of missile ships of the Pacific Fleet Igor Smolyak. Today, the delegation will lay a wreath at the eternal flame. This is the twelfth visit of the French sailors to Vladivostok. Kyuler – the second woman in the history of the country, rising to such a high rank

First project 11356 Frigate to join Russian Navy next year

First project 11356 Frigate  to join Russian Navy  next year

MOSCOW, April 29 (RIA Novosti) – Russia’s first Project 11356 frigate, the Admiral Grigorovich, will join the Black Sea Fleet in 2014, Vice-Admiral Alexander Fedotenkov said on Monday.

“The newest Project 11356 escort ship, the Admiral Grigorovich, should be launched in 2013 and join the Black Sea Fleet in 2014,” Fedotenkov said.

The Kaliningrad-based Yantar shipyard is to build a total of six Project 11356 frigates for delivery between 2014 and 2016 under a contract with the Defense Ministry.

The lead warship in the series, the Admiral Grigorovich, was laid down in December 2010, the second, the Admiral Essen, in July 2011 and the third, the Admiral Makarov, in February 2012.

The Project 11356 frigates, displacing 3,850 tons, are designed for anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, both independently and as an escort, and are also armed with air defense systems.

The class are armed with an eight-cell launcher for Kalibr and Klub (3M54E) anti-ship and surface-to-surface missiles, a 100-mm main gun, Kashtan gun/missile close-in air defense systems, Shtil vertical-launch air defense missile systems, two torpedo tubes, an anti-submarine rocket system and a Ka-28 or Ka-31 helicopter, according to globalsecurity.org and rusnavy.com.

The Indian Navy received two Talwar class frigates, based on the 11356 design, in April and November last year, Times of India reported.

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Russian Navy

State tests of Indian frigate have began in the Baltic

 State tests of Indian frigate have began in the Baltic

08.04.2013 / Lenta.ru

In the Baltic Shipyard “Yantar”, which is part of the United Shipbuilding Corporation, state tests of frigate “Trikand” designed as 11,356 project have begun. It was reported in the press release of USC.

Now Frigate is on the main base of the Baltic Fleet of Russia in the Baltiysc city and is preparing for regular tests in the sea. As expected, the state tests continue till 20th of April. In June, the ship will pass to the Indian Navy.

The construction of the frigate “Trikand” began in June of 2008, in May 2011 the ship was launched on. Sea trials of frigate began in February 2013.

“Trikand” was bought under the contract of 2006 for the construction of three ships of a total value of $ 1.5 billion. The first two frigates – “Tag” and “Tarkash” India has received in April and November 2012. The contract for the construction of ships of the project 11,356 was second one for India . A similar agreement on three ships – “Talwar”, “Trishul” and “Tabar” – was signed in late 1990. The first Russian frigates were received by Indian Navy in 2003-2004.
In late 2012, it was reported about the plans of India to order in Russia three aditional frigates of Project 11356.

Frigate “Trikand” has a displacement of 4035 tons with a length 124.8 meters, capable of speeds up to 30 knots and overcome to 7805 kilometers.It armed with anti-ship supersonic missiles are “BrahMos”

China has armed with new stealth frigate

China has  armed with new stealth frigate

18.03.2013 / Lenta.ru

Chinese Navy 12 March 2013 adopted a new frigate project Type 056, built with using stealth technology, says “Xinhua”. The Navy ship with the number 582 is named “Bengbu” in honor of the prefecture in Anhui province in eastern China. Previously reported that the frigate will be named “Jiandao.” The ceremony of including the frigate to the fleet was held in Zhoushan in Zhejiang profintsii in eastern China.

The transfer of Project Type 056 frigate to Chinese navy held in late February 2013. Length of the ship is 95.5 meters, width ─ 11,6 meters and sediment ─ 4,4 meters. The frigate is capable of speeds up to 28 knots, a range of its course is about two thousand miles. The ship is armed with two anti-ship missile launchers YJ-83 anti-aircraft system FL-3000N, 76-mm gun mounts AK-176, two 30-mm guns and two torpedo tubes trehtrubnymi 533 millimeters.

In the ship’s air group project Type 056 is a helicopter Harbin Z-9C. In total, the Chinese Navy intend to adopt such 20 frigates to replace the fleet of obsolete ships project Type 053 and Type 037. Construction of frigates is a part of a larger fleet renewal program.